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Video: Quick & Easy - Accenting Fall Wreaths

Sarah Botchick - Sunday, November 26, 2017

Quick & Easy: Accenting Fall Wreaths

Video summary written for Pioneer Imports by: Lisa B. 

When it comes to seasonal decorations, few options are more popular than the ever-versatile wreath. Pioneer offers a diverse range of pre-made wholesale wreath designs that are ready to hang – along with a huge selection of enhancements that can take each wreath to the next level.

This video demonstrates one way to elevate an autumn wreath with simple yet effective additions. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI walks through the process of preparing boxwood bush sprigs to back a large fall-inspired bow.

The 20" maple, anemone, and pumpkin wreath from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale serves as a striking base for this project. First, Vonda takes time to fluff and arrange the wreath to bring the decorative pumpkins, gourds, and flowers to the forefront. Take special care creating a wide enough gap to accommodate the ribbon arrangement.

Vonda then prepares a bundle of boxwood that will sit behind the bow. The subdued yellow boxwood color stands out against the rich burgundy, orange, and olive tones of the wreath, providing a contrasting background to make the matching ribbon pop. Slide the boxwood foliage toward the top of the stem to give it a fuller and more dynamic look.

Overlapping the boxwood stems end-to-end makes it easier to tie them together with a bit of bind wire. Vonda arranges boxwood stems across the gap to create a handsome bed for the bow – the bow used in this video is composed of two different types of fall-colored ribbon for excellent volume and texture.

Vonda finishes the design by attaching the boxwood and ribbon to the wreath with a little more bind wire. Tidy up the composition by arranging the bow as desired. Lightly wrapping the bow among the pumpkins and flowers gives it a real sense of movement that catches the eye.

Pre-made wreaths from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale are a tremendous time saver, intricate and elegant enough to display on their own. But as Vonda's creative arrangement demonstrates, the availability of additional enhancements from the Pioneer catalog ensures that your customization options are truly endless.

Shop our selection of wholesale ribbon, wreaths, and enhancements to find the perfect ingredients for your next autumn display!

#PWW3341OG – Maple, Anemone, & Pumpkin Wreath 20" – Orange

#PWB2031 – Boxwood Bush x9 20" – Dusty Yellow

#XRT072 – "Trends" High End Ribbon Assortment, 5-10 Yard Rolls of Assorted Widths – Fall

#IHP-40-50 - #40 Wired Harvest Plaid 2.5x50yd 

Watch the complete Design Video Here:

Are Baskets Still Relevant for Florists?

Sarah Botchick - Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Written by Sue Huelsman, AIFD

Todays floral shops still need baskets for current design styles.  Most shops still get requests for sympathy designs with plants and/or planters, usually sent in a basket.  Such as the double or triple peanut basket with green and blooming plants - or the Living Baskets/European Garden Baskets that are specially designed by Pioneer!  

Baskets are great for seasonal groupings - 
           Spring - Lilies, azalea, hydrangea, green plant (ivy)
           Summer - Spath, ivy, blooming plants (kalanchoe, begonia)

           Fall - Mums, succulents, Kale 

           Winter - Cyclamen, pine branches, amaryllis

If baskets made of natural materials have been stored for awhile, they may need to be revitalized. You can spray them with silk cleaner spray. To restore some of the moisture you can spray the basket with any type of leaf shine product.

Baskets will never go out of style.  Even in the most cutting edge design magazines you will still see various styles and types of baskets, whether for storage, decorative or design element.  Well made baskets are worth the money so they will continue to look great for years to come.

In and Outs of Orchids at Pioneer

Hannah Hill - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Orchids are increasingly popular flowers that are seen used for Prom, Homecoming, Wedding and Events Designs. Here at Pioneer Imports & Wholesale we have a variety of artificial silk orchid for you to choose from. Our chart below is a great "cheat sheet" to help you decide which orchid will work best for your designs. 

 Top Quality Orchid Stems
PWO1111- 29” Phalaenopsis Stem
$6.99 ea., Box (12): $6.50 ea., Case(48): $5.85 ea.     
  • Diameter: 3.5-4” 
  • Overall length: 29” 
  • Natural Touch Feel
  • Designed to Drape 
  • Perfect for Cascading Designs                                                                                                                                
PWO1108WH- 10” Phalaenopsis Pick
$2.99 ea., Box (12): $2.75 ea., Case(72): $2.48 ea.
  • Diameter: 3.5-4” 
  • Overall length: 10”
  • Natural Touch Feel
  • Flexible Stem
  • Perfect for Wedding and Events
PWO1109WH- 10.5” Cymbidium Pick
$2.99 ea., Box(12): $2.75 ea., Case(96): $2.48 ea. 
  • Diameter: 3.25” 
  • Overall length: 10.5”  
  • Natural Touch Feel
  • Straight Stem
  • Great for Weddings and Corsages
29297- 33” Phalaenopsis Stem
$17.50 ea., Box(12): $15.50 ea.
  • Flowers Range: 2.5”x 3.5 to 3.5”x4.5” 
  • Overall length: 33”
  • Natural Touch Feel
  • Flexible Stem
  • Great for Decor and Event Designs

 Favorite Basic Orchids
 199042- 29” Phalaenopsis Stem
$7.99 ea., Box(12): $7.50 ea.
  • Diameter: 3.5-5” 
  • Overall length: 29”
  • Coated Silk 
  • Great for Adding Height to Designs
 FSO008- 35” Dendrobium Stem
$6.25 ea., Box(12): 5.75 ea.
  • Diameter: 2-3.5” 
  • Overall length: 35”
  • Silk Flower
  • Wildly Popular for Corsage Work 
 Our Value Orchids
 PWO0105- 18” Phalaenopsis Stems
$0.95 ea., Box(36): $0.79 ea., Case(432): $0.69 ea.
  • Diameter: 2.25-2.75” 
  • Overall length: 18”
  • Small Sized Flowers
  • Silk Flower 
  • Great Value for Price
  • Perfect for Corsages and Boutonnieres
 PWO1107- 33” Phalaenopsis Stems
Special Buy Prices: White:$2.49 ea. Purple: $1.99 ea.
  • Diameter: 2-3.5” 
  • Overall length: 33”
  • Large Size Flowers
  • Silk Flower 
  • Great Value for Price
  • Great for Arrangements and Event Work

Ins and Outs of Silk Calla Lilies at Pioneer

Hannah Hill - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Calla Lilies are some of our most popular flowers for wedding and event designs. Here at Pioneer Imports & Wholesale we have a variety of artificial silk calla lilies for you to choose from. Our chart below is a great "cheat sheet" to help you decide which calla lily will work best for your designs. 

Calla Lilies - "Real Touch" Polyurethane - The softest, most realistic feeling flowers on the market. 
 PWC0104WH- 15” Mini Calla
  • Diameter: 1.5” 
  • Flower length: 4” 
  • Soft Real Touch Feel
  • Flexible Stem
  • Perfect Boutonniere Size
 PWC0106WH- 24” Stem
  • Diameter: 3.25” 
  • Flower length: 6” (Large Head)
  • Soft Real Touch Feel
  • Flexible Stem
  • Perfect for Weddings and Events
 PWC0106WHPU- 24”Stem,White/Purple
  • Diameter: 3.25” 
  • Flower length: 6” (Large Head) 
  • Known as our “Artist”Calla Lily
  • Soft Real Touch Feel
  • Flexible Stem
  • Great for Weddings and Events
 PWC0108WH- 19”Stem
  • Diameter: 2.5” 
  • Flower length: 5.25”
  • Soft Real Touch Feel
  • Natural Feel Foam Stem
  • Great for Bouquets
  Calla Lilies- “Natural Touch” Latex
 PWC1112EP- 21”Stem, Eggplant
  • Diameter: 2” 
  • Flower length: 5”
  • Natural Touch
  • Sturdy Flower w/Flexible Stem
  • Great for Event designs
 PWC0103- 21”Stem
  • Diameter: 2.5” 
  • Flower length: 4”
  • Natural Touch
  • Sturdy Flower w/Flexible Stem
  • Choose from 2 Colors 
 Premade Calla Lily Bouquet
 29146WH- 14”Stems
  • Diameter: 2.5” 
  • Flower length: 2.25”
  • 9 Mini Calla Lilies Stems
  • Polyurethane Soft Real Touch
  • Flexible Stems
  • Beautiful alone or accessorized 

Floral Shop Summer To Do List

Hannah Hill - Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Summer is here-which often means an “in between time” for floral shops.
Here are some tips from Sue Huelsman, AIFD to make the best use of the summer!

#1  If you are a wedding florist you are deep into weeks of prep.  Don't forget, when that fresh product doesn't look just right, substituting with some artificial is the perfect option.  Also, using artificial floral and greenery in any designs, especially when they need to be installed days in advance, or if they are out of reach of weddings guests, is smart, stress reducing and financially a great way to go.  Make sure you shop all of the realistic and reasonably priced wholesale silk floral items at Pioneer.

#2 If you don't specialize in weddings, but design a few throughout the season, you can use the above ideas to make your events more profitable.   Now is the time for cleaning, organizing and restocking things you may not realize you are low, or out of stock, on.  Just general cleaning as well will get rid of all that dead and dried materials that may have managed to get into every nook and cranny of your workroom. 

#3 The next option that all shops have is starting to prepare for that next 6 months.  Start checking out wholesalers as they receive product.  Catalogs will start to arrive. Check the Facebook and websites of wholesalers and vendors for new looks and great design ideas. 

#4 Lastly, keep checking Pioneer to see videos of the great products and ideas coming next.

Prom Prebook 2018

Hannah Hill - Monday, July 03, 2017
It's already time to start thinking about the Prom 2018 season!

Order by 7/24/17 and you can receive up to 50% off Fitz Design's List Price. 
Below is the discount structure for Fitz Design items:
If you order by the box (multiples of 12 in single colors) you will receive 35% -50%off Fitz List Price 
If you order by the each (any other quantity) you will receive 20%-30% off Fitz List Price

We have also included a discount on other corsage accessories, ribbon and silks this year as well!  If you prebook accessories, you will receive a 10% discount on those items.  

All orders must be placed by 7/24/17 by fax, e-mail or phone.  The prebook discount is not available online.  Orders will be delivered between 1/1/18 - 2/27/18 on the date of your choice.    

Shop the catalog to see what's new and available for prebook. The catalog also lists out the prebook pricing with discounts so you don't have to do the math! View here:


We understand it may be hard to determine what new products will be a hit in your area this early. However, you know the products you will continue to sell and it will only save you money to at least prebook those staples (e.g. Rock Candy, Sophisticated Lady). The 35-50% off prebook price for box quantities is the lowest price you will see all year - take advantage of it!  

If you need any help placing an order you can call me, Hannah, at (888) 234-5400 and I will be happy to help you! 

Ins and Outs of Silk Hydrangeas at Pioneer

Hannah Hill - Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Hydrangeas are easily one of the most popular and versatile flowers. They can be used as filler to compliment your design or be front and center in a beautiful event piece.
Here at Pioneer Imports and Wholesale, we give you varying options to fulfill your wholesale silk flower needs. Our hydrangeas are no exception! 
This will highlight some details to help you decide which hydrangea will work best for your design. 

 Hydrangea Stems
 PWH2077- 15" Stem
  • Diameter: 6.5"
  • Has a tight grouping on flower head
  • Short stem with a "real touch" feel
  • Great for Bridal Bouquets
  • Choose from 6 Colors
 PWH2087- 29" Everyday Stem
  • Diameter: 6"
  • Tight flower head
  • Taller Stem
  • Nice Foliage
  • Choose from 5 colors that are great for Weddings
 PWH2097- 28.5" Extra Large Hydrangea Stem
  • Diameter: 7"
  • Large loose head
  • Large & flexible petals
  • Great for Event Work(ex. Flower Walls or Ceiling Installations)
  • Choose from 3 colors
 Everyday Hydrangea Bushes
 PWH2085- 17" bush
  • Diameter: 4" to 5"
  • Varying head sizes on each stem
  • 5 stems on a bush
  • Choose from 22 colors!
 PWH2080- 19" bush
  • Diameter: 3.5" to 4"
  • Small flower heads
  • 8 stems on a bush
  • Includes berries and foliage
  • Currently available in 17 colors
 High End Bushes
 FBH721- 19" bush
  • Diameter: 3.5" to 5"
  • Smaller petals w/fuller heads
  • 5 stems on a bush
  • Realistic leaves
  • Choose from 5 colors
 30334- 19" bush
  • Diameter: 5"
  • Rounded heads w/small petals
  • 5 stems on a bush
  • Large leaves
  • Choose from 6 colors
On a 2015 sourcing trip in China, product development team member, Sarah Botchick, was struggling with the decision of which hydrangea stem to buy – either the one with the regular sized head or the one with extra large head. Dad/Owner of Pioneer, Dave Botchick, solved the dilemma by saying ”Just buy both.” And that is how PWH2087 and PWH2097 became part of the Pioneer line.

Tips from The Experts: The Prom

Courtney May - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The prom day has arrived!  You have already gone through the task of getting and taking the order, probably changing the order (once or twice), and making the order.  Now it is time for the pick up!  It is so important to have an organized system for order pickups.  If possible,  a separate area and register would be ideal.  A numbering system will also be a big help and make the day run much smoother.  Don’t forget that the packaging is also very important.  Make sure you put thought into the presentation of the product, both as you present to the client, but also as they present to their date.  There are many different products from wholesalers that can take you up a notch.

This post is courtesy of Sue Huelsman AIFD 

Top 10 Best Sellers in February

Courtney May - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1. Echeveria Bouquet Pick #FKE075GRGY 

This succulent pick is a customer favorite for it's realistic look and great price!  It's especially created with a longer pick to use in bouquets, but you can cut down the stem and use it for so many other applications! It's popularity is also due to it's beautiful coloring - a soft/green gray that mimics a fresh echeveria. 

At only $1.79 a stem, this succulent is a great buy! 



2. Sophisticated Lady in Dazzle #SL1003

The February top 10 is definitely reflecting what our customers are preparing for at this time of year...PROM!  Sophisticated Lady in dazzle has always been a best seller, but we are selling more this year than ever before!  The reason why - THE PRICE!  Sophisticated Lady is now only $1.99 if you buy 12 or more!  So jump on the bandwagon and stock up on this special buy while you can! 


3. Leather Leaf Fern Bush #GPB306C-DG
This is a monument staple!   Silk leather leaf fern bush that can easily be taken apart for picks. 

This bracelet is true to it's name - a classic!  This beaded bracelet has a wider band so it is easy to design on and with it's iridescent coloring, goes with almost any dress!  Get it for only $1.69 if you buy 12 or more!

It's all about the bling!  These rhinestone sprays by Fitz Design are the most popular bling add-on for corsages!  They add the perfect amount of tasteful glitz and are a great value at only $2.99 for a package of 12 when you buy 12+ packages.  

This three strand pearl bracelet has been a long standing customer favorite!  Pearls are a classic choice that will also go with just about any dress!

Rock Candy just keeps getting more popular!  4 rows of rhinestones make this bracelet an eye-catcher with all the bling the girls want!  It is also one of our special buys at only $3.99 if you buy 12+. 

This 4x5" white hobnail jar has become a staple container for many of our customers!  It's a great trendy alternative to traditional floral glass for arrangements, but it also has been discovered to be the perfect candle holders for our customers who make candles! 

9. Classic Bracelet in Licorice 
This is the same bracelet that earned the #4 spot, but in black!  
The Classic bracelet by Fitz Design claimed yet another spot in the Top 10 with the sugar (or white) being a best seller! As you probably noticed, the neutral colors of bracelets are always the most popular - dazzle (or clear rhinestone), white, black, champagne, and iridescent. 

Product Comparison : Rock Candy vs. Princess

Courtney May - Friday, March 03, 2017

Rock Candy Vs. Princess. 

These two bracelets look remarkably similar so we wanted to make sure you  know the differences between them and can make an informed decision when you go to place an order.

  Rock Candy #RC203
  • Made of rhinestones
  • Has 4 strands
  • Includes plastic platform & metal disc clip
  • 1 bracelet per package
  • Our #2 best selling bracelet 
  • $4.99 ea., Buy 12, $3.99 ea. 
 Princess Bracelet #PR1803
  • Made of acrylic stones - NOT rhinestones
  • Has 3 strands
  • Includes only the plastic platform
  • 2 bracelets per package 
  • New this year as part of the Fitz Select Budget line
  • $6.30/pkg, Buy 12+ pkgs., $5.60/pkg 

So to sum up all the differences, The Princess bracelet provides a nice option if you're looking for a bracelet with bling, but have a tight budget to stick to!  We suggest keeping both of these bracelets in your store.  This way, you can offer the rock candy first, and if the customer loves the look, but maybe not the price, you can offer the Princess bracelet to suit both her style and budget.