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Baskets 101 - Choosing the Basket

When designing Gift Baskets, the basket itself is the foundation of your design. Next to the products, it is the most important part of the gift, so choose carefully. There are three factors to consider when choosing your baskets.

1. Size

We recommend that our customers use the measurements provided in our literature and on our website to draw an outline of the basket on a piece of paper. Then place the products that you plan to use in the outline to assure that you buy the proper size basket.

2. Style

You have a choice of either a basket with a top handle, with side handles, with drop handles, or with no handles. Many people love the look of the top handle basket, but they do not realize that top handle baskets are more costly to ship. Purchasing baskets with side handles, drop handles, or without handles will save you a considerable amount of money. If you choose to purchase top handled baskets, always buy a set! The nesting of different sizes saves on shipping, and allows you greater variety in your designs.

3. Weight

Baskets come in a variety of materials and weights. Full willow baskets are the strongest and can hold the heaviest amounts. Split willow are lighter.