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Are Baskets Still Relevant for Florists?

Sarah Botchick - Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Written by Sue Huelsman, AIFD

Todays floral shops still need baskets for current design styles.  Most shops still get requests for sympathy designs with plants and/or planters, usually sent in a basket.  Such as the double or triple peanut basket with green and blooming plants - or the Living Baskets/European Garden Baskets that are specially designed by Pioneer!  

Baskets are great for seasonal groupings - 
           Spring - Lilies, azalea, hydrangea, green plant (ivy)
           Summer - Spath, ivy, blooming plants (kalanchoe, begonia)

           Fall - Mums, succulents, Kale 

           Winter - Cyclamen, pine branches, amaryllis

If baskets made of natural materials have been stored for awhile, they may need to be revitalized. You can spray them with silk cleaner spray. To restore some of the moisture you can spray the basket with any type of leaf shine product.

Baskets will never go out of style.  Even in the most cutting edge design magazines you will still see various styles and types of baskets, whether for storage, decorative or design element.  Well made baskets are worth the money so they will continue to look great for years to come.