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Video: Quick & Easy - Accenting Fall Wreaths

Sarah Botchick - Sunday, November 26, 2017

Quick & Easy: Accenting Fall Wreaths

Video summary written for Pioneer Imports by: Lisa B. 

When it comes to seasonal decorations, few options are more popular than the ever-versatile wreath. Pioneer offers a diverse range of pre-made wholesale wreath designs that are ready to hang – along with a huge selection of enhancements that can take each wreath to the next level.

This video demonstrates one way to elevate an autumn wreath with simple yet effective additions. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI walks through the process of preparing boxwood bush sprigs to back a large fall-inspired bow.

The 20" maple, anemone, and pumpkin wreath from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale serves as a striking base for this project. First, Vonda takes time to fluff and arrange the wreath to bring the decorative pumpkins, gourds, and flowers to the forefront. Take special care creating a wide enough gap to accommodate the ribbon arrangement.

Vonda then prepares a bundle of boxwood that will sit behind the bow. The subdued yellow boxwood color stands out against the rich burgundy, orange, and olive tones of the wreath, providing a contrasting background to make the matching ribbon pop. Slide the boxwood foliage toward the top of the stem to give it a fuller and more dynamic look.

Overlapping the boxwood stems end-to-end makes it easier to tie them together with a bit of bind wire. Vonda arranges boxwood stems across the gap to create a handsome bed for the bow – the bow used in this video is composed of two different types of fall-colored ribbon for excellent volume and texture.

Vonda finishes the design by attaching the boxwood and ribbon to the wreath with a little more bind wire. Tidy up the composition by arranging the bow as desired. Lightly wrapping the bow among the pumpkins and flowers gives it a real sense of movement that catches the eye.

Pre-made wreaths from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale are a tremendous time saver, intricate and elegant enough to display on their own. But as Vonda's creative arrangement demonstrates, the availability of additional enhancements from the Pioneer catalog ensures that your customization options are truly endless.

Shop our selection of wholesale ribbon, wreaths, and enhancements to find the perfect ingredients for your next autumn display!

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Watch the complete Design Video Here: