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Prom Success Series - Part #2 - The Promposal

Amanda Thomas - Tuesday, February 27, 2018
We hope you enjoy Part #2 of our 2018 Prom Success Series!

Video: How To: Create a Corsage with OMG Bracelet

Amanda Thomas - Monday, February 26, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B

Build a sophisticated corsage design for prom, weddings, and other style-savvy events with this video tutorial featuring Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD. Vonda demonstrates how to create this incredible corsage using just two products from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale line.  

Vonda begins by preparing the heart of this design, a gorgeous limited-edition piece of floral jewelry called the OMG Bracelet. She ties off the design disc – which will serve as a base for the floral element – and inserts a silvery chenille stem through the back. 

Tying the chenille to the disc provides another layer of security for a sense of strength and durability your clients can appreciate. Vonda then coils the excess stem to add more texture for the gluing process. Vonda covers the disc and chenille coils with Oasis Floral Adhesive, allowing it to set up throughout the next steps for better adhesion. 

Noting that such a beautiful corsage bracelet doesn’t require many embellishments, Vonda chooses only two silk orchid blossoms for this piece. This allows the bracelet itself to take center stage – this way, it goes beyond any specific event and becomes a piece of jewelry to wear anywhere. 

The next step might look surprising at first glance. Vonda begins cutting the petals off the larger flower, carefully snipping around the center. These petals will become enhancement for the larger blossom.

Adding glue to the back of the petals allows for strong glue-to-glue adhesion. After adding the glue, Vonda goes around the outside of the design disc, placing each petal individually. Finally, the smaller intact silk orchid takes its place in the middle. 

The result is a simple, beautiful piece of jewelry enhanced with a single silk orchid. It’s a great piece for prom, but could also be worn any time of the year for occasions ranging from formal events to casual everyday wear. 

Are you looking for more inspiration for prom corsages, wedding accessories, and other exciting projects? Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website to see the items used in this piece, along with hundreds of other silk flowers and wholesale corsage accessories to spark your next big idea. 

Shop products from the video:

#OM1403 – OMG Bracelet – Limited Edition
#FS0721WH – Phalaenopsis Orchid Stem 24”, White
#1532 – Oasis Floral Adhesive

Watch the video here!

2018 Prom Trend #1: Blush

Amanda Thomas - Thursday, February 22, 2018
Light and muted shades of Mauve & Blush are very popular this season! This trend is very feminine and will pair beautifully with warm copper & rose gold, pink hues & greenery. Shop these products here.

Prom Success Series - Part #1 - Prom Planning

Amanda Thomas - Tuesday, February 20, 2018
We hope you enjoy Part #1 of our 2018 Prom Success Series!

Video: How To: Design with Bright Lights Bracelet

Amanda Thomas - Monday, February 19, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Create a beautiful lavender corsage with this quick video featuring Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, CFD. Lavender is an ever-popular color coordinate for prom season and consistently serves as a favorite accent for weddings. 

Vonda begins by introducing the ingredients used in this corsage. Each of these silk flowers and sparkling accents are available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website. This includes Starleene ribbon in purple, Deanna ribbon in lavender, silk hydrangea bush in lavender, silk mini rosebuds in white, iridescent “Quintets” accents, and of course the Bright Lights corsage bracelet.  

The gorgeous Bright Lights bracelet serves as the base of this design. Vonda prepares the piece by removing the metal backing and securing the transparent design disc in place. This disc will hold the ribbon and provide a solid foundation on which to glue the rest of the elements. 

A quick time lapse shows the rest of the creation process. 

First, Vonda ties ribbon to the design disc, trimming and tying into loops as she works. These ribbon selections both include wire support, making it easier to shape as needed. Next, Vonda begins gluing the silk hydrangea to the edges of the disc beneath the ribbons. Fluffing the ribbons over the hydrangeas gives the entire corsage a more dramatic feeling of volume and body. 

White rosebuds are the next addition – first the large, then the small, with extra stem trimmed away before application. Vonda adds sprays of complementary pink rhinestone Quintets to finish the piece.

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website to find the supplies used in this video along with hundreds of other corsage-ready items. Pioneer offers an incredibly diverse selection of silk flowers, foliage, and wholesale accessories – everything you need for prom season, wedding season, and beyond. 

Video: Ray of Sunshine Collection

Amanda Thomas - Friday, February 09, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

For pure simplicity, try this natural-look bouquet from the Ray of Sunshine Collection, which Pioneer Imports & Wholesale has put together for 2018. Just two floral products, gently blended, offer consumers a cheerful tone to brighten their spaces.

This is an easy and quick piece to complete. The centerpiece is anchored by one mixed bush of flowers – yellow and white blooms – separated from the bush stem then arranged in a circular fashion to fill the center of our “Optimist” bowl.

Using berry stem pieces, artfully plump out the look until you’ve fashioned what feels like a bowl of sunbeams. You’ll find that the one mixed bush, with its flowers and greenery, plus the berry spray, is plenty to make a charming, full look.

But why stop there? Using the same series of florals, you can create a beautiful wall hanging. Or you can pair it with the pre-made wreath that compliments the bush. This might be just the touch for a client’s office or home, signaling the seasonal transition is upon us. A combination of the centerpiece plus a wreath lends a synchronized, thematic look to a waiting area or foyer in a home.

Whenever you need products or new ideas for seasonal looks, to satisfy an ever-more expectant clientele, browse through this year’s Spring/Summer catalog. Pioneer Imports & Wholesale has mingled florals and containers to please your customers, and your own senses.

Shop products from the video:

#99495-00 - “Optimist” Ceramic Bowl
#PWMX2603YLOG - Mixed Sunflower & Ranunculus Bush, Yellow/Orange
#PWB2241GCR - Berry Stem, Green/Cream

Shop the complete Ray of Sunshine Collection here!

Watch the video here.

Video: Opposites Attract Collection

Amanda Thomas - Thursday, February 08, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

A walk in your local public park or botanical gardens may give you a few new ideas, like those we’ve included in the new Opposites Attract collection.

You may notice that, at times, you’re drawn to a combination of colors from two very different palates. For instance, rather than pairing pinks, purples and blues together, nature may have placed a bright orange and brilliant blue together, as in the exotic bird-of-paradise bloom. 

And you may find this mix of colors really appeals to you. That’s often the case, where colors that one wouldn’t think would be grouped together suddenly pop and sizzle and draw the eye. Tagging together mixtures of colors from different slices of the color wheel can make a show-stopping centerpiece or be just the thing to pull together an otherwise lackluster shelf arrangement.

To compliment an unusual mix in colors, be sure to add textures that accentuate and small pieces to pull them together. A simple colored glass vase, or patterned paper with a woven-look pottery and, pieces of greenery will set off that new look.

Pioneer Imports and Wholesale has put together a 2018 Opposites Attract Collection specifically to help you in creating, perhaps, new and exciting looks for your clients. They may be surprised to find your concept gives them just that something a little different they were seeking.  

For all your wholesale floral and container needs, Pioneer’s Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog is the place to shop. See pages 8 and 9 for our complete Opposites Attract Collection.

Shop the complete Opposites Attract Collection here.

Watch the video here!

Video: How to: Trendy Simple Eucalyptus Design

Amanda Thomas - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

With the current popularity of the home decorating networks, consumers are used to seeing a room transformed from an outdated look with a very simple dash of décor. You, too, can add a special touch to your client’s home easily. It can be both uncomplicated and trendy with the use of eucalyptus, even without any other silk flowers or plants.

Products used in this video:
#PWE1091BL – Eucalyptus Bush
#PWE1090GWH – Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bush 
#G444 – Glass Cube
#4300 – Waterproof Floral Tape, Green 
Zip ties
River rock

In this simple project, you can achieve elegant, chic looks in minutes. Using both gray and silver-dollar eucalyptus pieces, you’ll be able to create little touches around your clients’ houses, just as they’ve seen on television and in magazines.

For the gray eucalyptus bush, gather several stems all together in your hand, keeping the small pieces on top. Clear a little room on the stems to fasten them together with a black zip tie. Fluff the pieces out a bit, and pull the leaves over the zip tie to cover it. Then clip the end of the tie off. Trim the bottoms to a consistent length and now you have a piece to drop into a simple clear container.

A single vase may be all that’s needed. However, with the choices available from your stock of wholesale containers, consider using multiples. With each one full of the sprigs of eucalyptus, and spaced to fit the length of the table, you’ll end up with a stunning centerpiece. Embellish the design by angling the branches in different directions. Adjust the look by choosing varying heights for different homes – three short glass containers or, perhaps, a medium height paired with a taller one.

For another look, but still in the same vein, try the silver dollar eucalyptus. You can add a few pieces of river rock to the bottom of your simple glass vase. With this variety, try taking a single stem and push the leaves up to form a cluster, using green floral tape to finish off the end. Or use the longer, less dense look for a taller vase. 

Keeping a wholesale supply of eucalyptus on hand can give you several creative options while offering simple, yet trendy, home décor solutions to your clients. 

Watch the video here!

Video: Creating a Floral Chandelier with Flowers& Magazine

Amanda Thomas - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B

In this video from Flowers& Magazine, Rich Salvaggio AIFD walks through the process of creating a beautiful floral chandelier with silk flowers and accessories from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale.

Rich begins with a quick introduction to a few of the most popular products from the Pioneer catalog and demonstrates a few creative ways to use them. 

This quick introduction begins with the silk peony bush paired with ranunculus. Realistic succulents line the perimeter of the stylish wooden box that houses the arrangement, bringing a skillful sense of color balance to the composition. 

A bush of English roses takes center stage in the following example. The silk roses are spread out for realism, placed to stand tall in a colorful green planter. Boxwood and echeveria complete the arrangement. Rich notes that the faux echeveria succulents are available in a wide range of dynamic colors. 

The final prepared arrangement that Rich displays highlights a very trendy way to use one of the newer products from Pioneer. This lemon leaf wreath originally comes with just the silk foliage – this example, however, demonstrates the wreath’s versatility with the inclusion of gorgeous hydrangea and butcher’s broom. 

Next, Rich moves on to the featured demonstration. This inspiring floral chandelier offers endless applications, from displays to weddings to general décor. Rich walks through the process of creating this chandelier step-by-step, explaining every detail.  

This simple yet impressive project begins by covering a wire wreath frame with silk eucalyptus. Rich works his way around the frame, securing each sprig of eucalyptus with ordinary white cable ties. 

Once this base layer is in place, Rich begins preparing bright silk cherry blossoms to serve as a gorgeous contrast to the subdued green of the eucalyptus. He takes a moment to note that silk flowers often ship in a very compact form, and quickly shows how easy it is to give these pieces a more lifelike appearance by gently bending and spreading the branches for more volume.

Rich switches to a larger cable tie to accommodate the heavier cherry blossom garland, attaching each sprig to the gold bars of the wreath, and trims each tie as he goes along. 

Lilac wisteria serves as the next layer. Rich bends each individual stem outward from the grouping, making it easy to simply insert the entire bunch into the wreath at once. He repeats this process until three wisteria bushes are seamlessly integrated into the chandelier design. 

As you might notice in stores and fashionable displays, trendy floral chandeliers tend to feature a cascading profile – longer in the middle. Rich chooses a lengthy silk wisteria stem in a light neutral tone to finish this arrangement. He trims the long stems to use as a framework, laying them inside the wreath in a crisscross fashion. He then feeds the wisteria through the stems, using them as natural support. 

The result is a vibrant, lively, and easy-to-appreciate chandelier perfect for everything from commercial displays to wedding décor and so much more. 

You can find the wholesale silk flowers and accessories used in this video on the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website. And don’t forget to check out the February issue of Flowers& Magazine, where you’ll find a supplement detailing the creation of this floral chandelier – along with many other useful and interesting features. 

Watch the video here!

Video: Bridal Show Success: Adding Accents

Amanda Thomas - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

In this video, Sue Huelsman AIFD reminds viewers to keep a diverse stock of accent pieces to complete your bridal show table. These pieces will later serve as useful add-ons for potential customers, but at bridal shows they work to instantly elevate the sophistication of any table and help to draw more attention toward everything you have to offer. 

Sue suggests investing in small eye-catching accent pieces like votives and other candle pieces, useful items like napkins and napkin rings, and more. 

Having the right accessories on hand is especially important when it comes to bouquets. Sue recommends bringing multiple bouquet styles and a couple of different stands. You can show your bouquets in basic cylinders or decorative vases. Sue also demonstrates how to use the purpose-made stands from Pioneer that look great on any table.

Take some time to browse the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website to find a wide variety of accessories like vases, bouquet stands, stylish votives, and of course, plenty of wholesale silk flowers and foliage to complete your bridal show table.

Shop products from the video:

#PWR2090CHK – Cabbage Rose Bush, Chalk
#FFR004CR – Rose Pomander with Rhinestones
#22-3407-810 – Lace Table Runner
#960528SLV – Striped Glass Votive
#850338SLV – Bubbles Glass Votive

Watch the video here!