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Video: How To: Fall Garden Designs

Orders Pioneer - Friday, August 31, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Learn how to create a gorgeous yet easy-to-make centerpiece in a flawlessly coordinated container using readily available supplies from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. The entire process is detailed in this quick video as demonstrated by Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD. 

This video begins with an introduction to the featured line of containers. These metal containers are available in two sizes and three colors – a versatile set that easily suits a variety of color palettes. 

Silk butternut daisy offers a stunning complement to the orange container and will serve as the primary permanent botanical for this centerpiece. Vonda begins by separating the blossoms from the foliage, as this arrangement uses both parts separately for greater control over the result. 

Vonda begins by inserting each trio of silk daisies into the block of floral foam she has hidden within the container. She suggests giving each stem a little bit of a twist so that they are not standing up completely straight, leading to a more natural aesthetic and building a bit more body into the design.

A pleasing profile is created by inserting the silk daisy trios deeper around the edges and shallower in the middle so that the central blossoms stand the tallest. Vonda continually moves and rotates the container for even distribution. 

To finish the centerpiece, Vonda uses the trimmed foliage pieces to build a collar around the edges of the container. This eliminates the need for moss or any other cover to conceal the floral foam or “mechanics” of the design. A few extra sprigs of foliage between silk daisies fill out the shape of the overall composition to create a more solid profile. 

Vonda also takes a moment to highlight other arrangements using other containers from this line – one made with silk delphinium in parchment, and the other with silk dahlia in merlot. 

This style of permanent botanical arrangement looks fantastic, but one of its greatest strengths is the quick and easy construction process. With wholesale silk flower and container supplies from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale, creating a large volume of matching centerpieces takes no time at all. This arrangement is perfect for galas, wedding receptions, and other large events. 

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to Pioneer’s vast range of silk flowers, wholesale containers, and all the accessories you need to create gorgeous permanent botanical arrangements for any occasion or event. 

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Wedding Wows #2: The Sweetheart Table

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

“Here’s a question you always want to ask your bridal customers these days,” says Vonda: “Are you planning to have a sweetheart table? 

“If the answer is yes, that’s an opportunity for you as a florist, to create a floral display that will make your customer happy and provide extra profit for you.” 

At a sweetheart table, the bride and groom sit facing their guests, often on an elevated platform so that they can see everyone and everyone can see them. What better opportunity could there be for using flowers?—to make the mood more romantic and to enhance the photo memories to come. 

The sweetheart table is usually small. Flowers need to leave room for table settings. They should lie low on the table and possibly cascade from the front. 

All of those requirements are easier to meet with silk flowers, or a combination of silk and fresh. Silk foliage garlands create a base of mixed leaf shapes and shades of green, to which silk flowers or fresh flowers in water tubes can be added. 

A floral chandelier, hanging directly above the sweetheart table, completes the setting and draws attention to the bride and groom from anywhere in the room. Stay tuned for more about floral chandeliers, another popular and profitable trend. 

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

Video: Peacock Jewels Collection

Orders Pioneer - Monday, August 27, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Putting a fresh twist on a classic color palette is an invigorating way to combine tradition with modern aesthetics. This is exactly what Pioneer Imports & Wholesale has done with the Peacock Jewels Collection – these vibrant jewel tones offer a stylish take on a favorite. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD demonstrates the versatility of this collection. She begins with two geometric ceramic containers that shine with those deep peacock-inspired hue and uses wholesale silk flowers from our new Peacock Jewels collection to draw out those jewel tones in a striking and dramatic way. 

One arrangement is already complete. This monochromatic design uses dusty coral peony and cabbage rose with boxwood accents, underlining the beautiful hues of the container. By using these silk flower selections, the colors of the container stand out even more. 

Next, Vonda makes a new arrangement using the smaller container, demonstrating another way to use the Peacock Jewels Collection. 

She inserts the dusty coral selections on one side with the peacock blue silk flowers on the other, striking a dramatic balance in terms of color and visual weight. Sprigs of boxwood add extra bounce and height to the design while drawing out more of the green found in the container. 

Vonda suggests designing a range of sizes when making displays. This will allow you to appeal to more types of customers – those looking for large arrangements, small arrangements, or in between – and it also allows you to show off the wide range of your abilities. Vonda suggests stocking your display tables with at least two to three color palettes and multiple sizes. 

You can find the Peacock Jewels Collection available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website, along with a diverse selection of accessories like wholesale ribbon and wholesale containers to match.  

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Video: How To: Create a Brooch Bouquet with a Bouquet Armature

Orders Pioneer - Friday, August 24, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Learn how to create a stunning brooch bouquet using a bouquet armature with the help of this easy-to-follow video demonstration by Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI.  

Vonda begins construction by attaching a pair of simple rhinestone chains to the armature using small lengths of wire for security, trimming the excess as she works her way around.  

Next, Vonda adds reflective flat beads for decoration and shine. She has already prepared each bead with Uglu Dashes – a convenient adhesive strip – for quicker application. She applies each bead to the flat round platforms built into the armature for added security and stability. 

Once the armature features a satisfactory coverage of beads, she slides a padded handle cover into place. Not only does this cover make the bouquet more comfortable to hold, but it also provides an insertion point for the Spot On picks she will place during the next step.

Uglu adhesive dashes are the easiest way to attach the brooches to the Spot On pick platforms used in this project – Vonda has already prepared the necessary picks prior to the video just as she did with the beads. She inserts each pick through the top of the armature and firmly into the padded handle. 

Carefully layering the brooches adds a greater sense of depth to the overall composition for a more dramatic impression.

Next Vonda turns her focus to the task of finishing the handle. She gently trims any bits of wire that may have poked through the handle during the insertion process before setting the bouquet aside to prepare the next ingredient. 

Vonda creates a backing for the armature using a piece of cardboard from a large roll of ribbon. She has already prepared the backing by spraying each side with spray adhesive and attaching sheets of glittering rhinestone wrap called River of Diamonds, also available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. 

Vonda slides the completed backing over the handle until it rests firmly against the body of the armature. This backing helps to make the composition look neater while also giving the bouquet a more solid and filled-in look from every angle. 

She then takes the remaining rhinestone wrap and wraps it around the length of the handle, securing with corsage pins to hold it in place. The very bottom remains exposed which Vonda remedies by attaching a coordinated piece of “bling” to complete the look.

The result is a dazzling brooch bouquet that exhibits impressive attention to detail from top to bottom. 

This quick project is easy to complete using supplies from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale – Pioneer carries a wide range of wholesale Fitz Design, bouquet armatures, and any accessories you might need to customize a brooch bouquet according to the unique needs of your clients and customers. 

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Wedding Wows #1: Floral Arches

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

Floral arches have become extremely popular, especially for outdoor weddings—and it’s easy to see why, says Vonda. 

“During the ceremony, the arch frames the wedding couple and creates that picture-perfect moment,” she explains— just when all eyes are on the bride and groom. 

Brides who are planning an outdoor ceremony will be thrilled to hear that you can provide a floral arch with a lavish look that is also practical and affordable. The secret is to combine wholesale silk flowers and foliage with fresh. 

“If I make an arch that will be seen outdoors, I love knowing that it will hold up in any weather,” says Vonda. An arch made with silks can be set up early on the wedding day. Then, a few fragrant fresh flowers added to the arch complete the illusion of a fresh floral bower. Or, the arch can be all silk, and designs with fresh flowers brought in toward the end of the setup. 

The frame for the arch usually comes in three pieces, so the arch itself can be designed in advance and assembled on-site. All of the permanent components—the frame plus silk flowers and foliage—can be offered as a rental and re-used. 

The arch seen here drips with high-quality, realistic silk wisteria and butcher’s broom foliage—just two examples of wholesale silk flowers that can be woven into an arch foundation easily, with very little wiring required. 

Below the arch, urns were quickly filled with silk delphinium and silk eucalyptus bushes. They visually anchor the arch. Their upright stems beautifully complement the drape of the hanging wisteria and silk butcher’s broom. 

For floral arches, silk and fresh flowers are a marriage made in heaven!

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

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Video: Better/Best: Sunflower Stems

Orders Pioneer - Monday, August 13, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Every project has a budget. Choosing budget-friendly options for details allows you to direct more of that budget toward the pieces that are meant to define an arrangement, the ones that are supposed to stand out and capture the most attention. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AFID, PFCI, CFD introduces two silk sunflower stems from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Vonda starts with the “Best” silk sunflower. This beauty makes a bold statement with its incredibly vibrant color, the rich gradient from bright yellow to rich gold. Even the center is sure to wow with a detailed lifelike texture that makes you want to reach out and touch it. 

Vonda points out the second silk sunflower stem as a fantastic option that goes a little easier on the budget. Though inexpensive, it still makes a dramatic impression with tremendous volume and a vivid golden hue that can make any composition really shine. Its slightly smaller size and conservative price tag makes it the perfect choice for accent purposes or for bulk arrangements.  

Both silk sunflower stems can be the perfect choice for a specific project – it simply depends on the silk flower’s place and purpose in the design itself. 

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website to find both silk sunflower stem options. Pioneer also offers an incredible range of other silk flowers, wholesale containers, and all the accessories you need to make beautiful permanent botanical arrangements for any event.

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PWS2411YL – Sunflower Stem, 23”, Yellow

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Video: Moody Hues Collection

Orders Pioneer - Monday, August 06, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Color plays a crucial role toward creating a specific atmosphere for an event. Pioneer Imports & Wholesale offers a line of permanent botanicals perfect for this purpose. The Moody Hues Collection is a bold palette that consists of colors like burgundy, wine, and mauve – rich hues that drip with drama and personality. 
In this quick video demonstration, Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI creates a small centerpiece arrangement that easily highlights the powerful versatility of the Moody Hues Collection. This straightforward project keeps things simple, basing the design around a single permanent botanical bush containing silk zinnia, silk dahlia, and silk daisy. 

Vonda begins by first clipping each silk bloom from the bush itself. She uses these to make individual insertions into a block of floral foam, hidden within a small metal container. The container’s neutral finish allows the rich red floral tones to take center stage in the design. 

Vonda inserts the larger silk flowers first, creating a collar of voluminous faux florals around the edges. The smaller selections are added last, carefully placed to achieve a pleasant balance of color throughout the composition. Clippings of silk foliage, silk boxwood, and silk olive sprays add additional body to the centerpiece. 

The result offers abundant visual drama – an impressive composition for such a simple construction process. 

You can find these selections from the Moody Hues Collection readily available within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with a wide range of coordinated wholesale containers and accessories. 

Pioneer offers wholesale permanent botanicals in a diverse range of themes and color palettes to suit any occasion – you can depend on Pioneer to provide the perfect pieces to suit even the most specific requests of your clients and customers.

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72091-00 - "VOYAGE" METAL POT 5.25 x 5.25"

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