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Video: Pea Leaf Collection

Amy Lombardo - Tuesday, May 07, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for a way to add instant elegance to your next permanent botanical arrangement? Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD introduces a fantastic option in this quick video demonstration from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale.

The incredible Pea Leaf Collection is gorgeous and lifelike. These silk pea leaves feature bright variegated color for a sense of freshness that feels just-picked from the garden – from top to bottom, these selections look like the real deal right from the very first glance.

And best of all, silk pea leaves are a powerhouse of versatility. Use to fill in the bulk of an arrangement, as a sparing accent to bring out the best in an intricate composition, or even by itself! There is nothing that silk pea leaf cannot do.

Vonda begins by showcasing a few of the available size options. The Pea Leaf Collection includes a useful bush format for piecemeal placement, a six-foot garland convenient for largescale uses, and hanging bush with a lovely trailing tail. This video demonstration focuses on the hanging variety – in just a few seconds, Vonda transforms this piece into a display-ready work of art! 

The lovely Bailey metal wall hanger from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale serves as the container for this design. The rust patina serves as an excellent neutral backdrop that makes the vibrant pea leaf color pop even more.

Vonda had already prepared the container with a block of floral foam before beginning. She places individual sprigs of silk pea leaf first, then inserts the longer trails near the bottom side of the container. And it’s done! You can see how impressive this arrangement looks with just a few seconds of work.

This look is so easy to achieve! You can find the Pea Leaf Collection available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with a wide variety of other silk foliage, silk flowers, and handsome wholesale containers. 

Shop products from the video:
PWG2720SG Pea Leaf & Berries Garland 6’, Sage
PWPL2721SG Pea Leaf & Berries Hanging Bush 33”, Sage
PWPL2722SG Pea Leaf & Berries Bush 19.5”, Sage
DF348G/20 Premium Dry Foam Bricks *20-piece case*
72570-00 “Bailey” Metal Wall Hanger 8x3.5”, Rust
72551-00 “Galveston” Rectangular Planter 24x4x4”, Rust

Watch the video here!

Video: Poppy Party Collection

Amy Lombardo - Monday, May 06, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking to add punchy color and whimsical texture to your next permanent botanical arrangement? The dramatic look of poppies just might be the solution you need! Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI shows off a gorgeous selection of silk poppies in this quick and easy video demonstration.

Vonda is working with the wholesale silk poppies from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale – these beautiful pieces look like they were picked fresh from the fields, yet they maintain that lasting versatility designers love so much about permanent botanical solutions. She also uses smart silk foliage and accents, also available from Pioneer, to give this bouquet a full natural look your clients are sure to adore.  

Using the orange silk poppies, Vonda creates a bright and vibrant core for the heart of the bouquet. The deep red silk poppies are arranged toward the outside to create a subtle gradient effect. 

White silk delphinium is the next addition. Vonda places these toward the rear of the design, serving as a sort of elegant floral backdrop. Their tall tendrils of blossoms add height and shape to the overall composition. For a more specialized theme, Pioneer offers this lovely silk delphinium in a wide range of other colors as well.

Vonda uses wholesale silk foliage to round out the bouquet. Here, she uses silk lacy fern bush in a bold deep green color. Not only does this selection add incredible fullness to the arrangement, it also gives the bouquet a more natural look for that “fresh picked” feeling. 

Once all the components are layered approximately where desired, Vonda secures them together with a short length of floral wire. Then, she adjusts each individual element for volume and spacing. Once satisfied, she covers the floral wire with cream ribbon tied in a bow. The ribbon is a fantastic complement to the silk delphinium – a fantastic way to tie this bouquet together, both literally and figuratively.

You can find these amazing silk poppies, silk delphinium, and silk lacy fern all available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer can help you build up a diverse stock of wholesale permanent botanicals so you can build creative bouquets and floral arrangements for any occasion. 

Shop the complete Poppy Party Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
PWS2641GR Lacy Fern Bush 30”, Green
PWD2331CHK Delphinium Bundle X3, 31”, Chalk
GTP103REBC Poppy Spray X2, 28”, Red Brick
GTP103OR Poppy Spray X2, 28”, Orange

Watch the video here!