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Floral Shop Summer To Do List

Hannah Hill - Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Summer is here-which often means an “in between time” for floral shops.
Here are some tips from Sue Huelsman, AIFD to make the best use of the summer!

#1  If you are a wedding florist you are deep into weeks of prep.  Don't forget, when that fresh product doesn't look just right, substituting with some artificial is the perfect option.  Also, using artificial floral and greenery in any designs, especially when they need to be installed days in advance, or if they are out of reach of weddings guests, is smart, stress reducing and financially a great way to go.  Make sure you shop all of the realistic and reasonably priced wholesale silk floral items at Pioneer.

#2 If you don't specialize in weddings, but design a few throughout the season, you can use the above ideas to make your events more profitable.   Now is the time for cleaning, organizing and restocking things you may not realize you are low, or out of stock, on.  Just general cleaning as well will get rid of all that dead and dried materials that may have managed to get into every nook and cranny of your workroom. 

#3 The next option that all shops have is starting to prepare for that next 6 months.  Start checking out wholesalers as they receive product.  Catalogs will start to arrive. Check the Facebook and websites of wholesalers and vendors for new looks and great design ideas. 

#4 Lastly, keep checking Pioneer to see videos of the great products and ideas coming next.