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Autumn Bounty Collection

Courtney May - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Autumn Bounty Collection was inspired by the fiery colors of fall.  The palette includes Pioneer's signature colors of Flame, Goldenrod, and Deep Orange.  Introduce the warm, striking shades of autumn leaves into your decor with the high quality silk bushes from this collection, paired with trendy, unique containers.  

The silks from this collection can also create a beautiful bouquet for an autumn wedding.  See how Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI uses the collection to create a stunning cascading bouquet in this How-To video. 

Products used in this design: 

Start by cutting your Mum Bush into individual stems and bundling them together into a nice round bouquet in your hands.  

Then, take stems of the Hanging Lovage Leaf Bush and add them around the mums, letting the long pieces cascade down the front, with some shorter pieces in the back.  

Next, take some of the boxwood stems and work them into the bouquet, all throughout.  This fall boxwood will seamlessly "marry" the flame cosmos and the deep orange mum, perfectly tying the colors together.  

Now it's time to add that pop of hot color with the flame cosmos!  Select the longer stems from the bush, remove their foliage, and place them at the front of the bouquet to cascade down with the Lovage Leaf.  Then, take the other cosmos stems and work them into the bouquet at different depths in between the orange mums.  Don't forget to add some of the cosmos towards the back of the bouquet so everything ties together and the attendant has something pretty to look at too! 

Now that everything is beautifully in place, tie your bouquet to hold it together.  Vonda uses a zip tie, but you can use floral tape or whatever you are most comfortable with to secure the bouquet.  Give it a little shake to make sure that none of the flowers are loose and ensure that they will stay in place down the aisle.  

Then, take your snips and cut the stems to an even length so they can be wrapped neatly.  

Lastly, take the ribbon of your choice and wrap the stems to finish it off.  To stick with the cascade look of this bouquet, you can allow a piece of ribbon to trail down the front with the Lovage Leaf and Cosmos.  

Your bouquet is complete! 

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