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How To: Fresh Ideas for Succulent Designs

Courtney May - Thursday, September 22, 2016

The popularity of succulents remains strong and is going to continue to do so.  Pioneer strives to offer a large variety of high-quality wholesale succulents to meet the needs and expectations of you and your customers.   In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI shows how to add new depth to your artificial succulent designs using the artificial coral grass bush.  

Products used in this video:

Before starting, place dry floral foam into the Norman Metal Bowl for insertions.  Also, make sure that you have some bolt cutters on hand for cutting the thick succulent stems.  You may also want to go through and cut all of your stems down ahead of time, instead of cutting each one before inserting.  

Insert the two large echeveria succulents first, nestling them close together.  Then, take one of the Succulent Picks #191357GRBN and insert it through the coral spray so that the coral surrounds the succulent.  Insert this pair into the center of the design, creating the tallest part of the arrangement.  Then, take another one or two of these Succulent Picks #191357GRBN and cut them into smaller, shorter stems.  Insert these stems in and around the coral, so that it looks like these succulents are growing up through the coral.  

Next, take your other Succulent Pick #CS9008GR and insert a couple of those in a grouping.  Remember, when designing succulent gardens with artificial succulents, you want to keep the succulents of the same kind close together in the design so it looks much more real.  If you have two of the same succulent on opposite sides of the design, it does not look like a natural growing succulent garden.  

Lastly, add the hen & chicks succulent pick, adding the larger succulent low in the design to cover the foam, and then the rest of the pick above it, standing taller, so that it looks like they are growing over one another.  

Vonda displays two other succulent gardens created with the Norman Pots and Coral Grass in different sizes, just showing how many different design options you have!  

Shop our whole selection of succulents here and see what unique, natural-looking succulent gardens you can create! 


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