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Product Comparison : Rock Candy vs. Princess

Courtney May - Friday, March 03, 2017

Rock Candy Vs. Princess. 

These two bracelets look remarkably similar so we wanted to make sure you  know the differences between them and can make an informed decision when you go to place an order.

  Rock Candy #RC203
  • Made of rhinestones
  • Has 4 strands
  • Includes plastic platform & metal disc clip
  • 1 bracelet per package
  • Our #2 best selling bracelet 
  • $4.99 ea., Buy 12, $3.99 ea. 
 Princess Bracelet #PR1803
  • Made of acrylic stones - NOT rhinestones
  • Has 3 strands
  • Includes only the plastic platform
  • 2 bracelets per package 
  • New this year as part of the Fitz Select Budget line
  • $6.30/pkg, Buy 12+ pkgs., $5.60/pkg 

So to sum up all the differences, The Princess bracelet provides a nice option if you're looking for a bracelet with bling, but have a tight budget to stick to!  We suggest keeping both of these bracelets in your store.  This way, you can offer the rock candy first, and if the customer loves the look, but maybe not the price, you can offer the Princess bracelet to suit both her style and budget.  


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