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Tips from The Experts: The Prom

Courtney May - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The prom day has arrived!  You have already gone through the task of getting and taking the order, probably changing the order (once or twice), and making the order.  Now it is time for the pick up!  It is so important to have an organized system for order pickups.  If possible,  a separate area and register would be ideal.  A numbering system will also be a big help and make the day run much smoother.  Don’t forget that the packaging is also very important.  Make sure you put thought into the presentation of the product, both as you present to the client, but also as they present to their date.  There are many different products from wholesalers that can take you up a notch.

This post is courtesy of Sue Huelsman AIFD 


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