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Video: 2018 Paris Trend Forecast

Sarah Botchick - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Video summary written for Pioneer by: Lisa B

Maison et Objet is a large international trade show in Paris that predicts and influences décor trends for the upcoming years. Ellie LaFever gives Pioneer Imports and Wholesale an inside look with this 2018 trend forecast inspired by her trip to Maison as well as her exploration around Paris and London.  

Jewel Tones

Ellie begins by describing the popular refreshed jewel tone color palette. In the past, brightly saturated jewel tones were a popular selection – at Maison, those literal hues were replaced by more refined selections like dusty rose, peacock, and muted emerald.

Peacock is more of a teal-influenced saturated color while muted emerald stands as a combination between Wizard of Oz emerald and a subdued hunter green. Dusty rose was everywhere at Maison, and as Ellie points out, this look is probably here to stay.

All three of these colors are mainstay additions to the Pioneer Imports and Wholesale catalog. Emerald and peacock are easy to incorporate using faux foliage selections, while dusty rose is a popular hue for silk flowers. Mix and match or use them on their own.

Function to Fashion

Next, Ellie describes the “function to fashion” trend. This trend transforms functional objects - such as neon signs, graffiti, and Chinese food take-out signs – into fashionable accents that can be used in décor and beyond. It’s risk-taking, bold and bright, and makes a statement.

Function to fashion turns ordinary items on their head to raise questions, to give them brand new meaning. It often incorporates a sense of irony as well, like using plants that are unusual colors compared to what you might see in nature.


This brings Ellie to another bold trend found at Maison: Bobos. Bobos is a combination of bourgeoise and bohemian, an almost paradoxical juxtaposition. The most likely audience for this trend is somebody who likes to know why they’re buying something, where they bought it, who they’re buying it from, how sustainable it is, and more.  

From a visual standpoint, the surface characteristics embody an elevated bohemian vibe, refined but retaining an edgy hippy aesthetic. It includes natural elements – very textural – with rich layering and contrasting hard and soft elements. You might see eclectic treasures, creative color combinations, handmade craft, and of course, lush over-the-top plant life.

Gilded Metallics

Next, Ellie highlights the gilded metallics trend. Metals and metallic elements have been a big player in design circles over recent years, but Ellie’s Maison et Objet observations reveal a new take on this popular aesthetic. This style is defined by high reflectivity, elevated metals, and very detailed sculptural influences. The gilded details act almost as an element of surprise to make this style an interactive experience.

Other Innovations

Ellie’s exploration didn’t just stop at Maison – she also details a few trends found throughout her journey in Paris and London.

The first is Sketch, a style that encompasses anything hand-rendered or illustrated. It invokes a human quality, a reminder that we don’t always need to have technology to create something amazing.

The second trend is Monochrome Sculptural. It strips away the color from objects so that the true forms can show through. It offers a unique play on light, revealing the shape and texture of items in a whole new way. Ellie points out that this effect is very successful with both black and white.

Embrace Today’s Trends with Pioneer

Explore the Pioneer Imports and Wholesale catalog to find all the supplies you need to integrate these trends into your everyday displays and décor. Pioneer offers a wide range of silk foliage and flowers in the refreshed jewel tones, creative metallic accessories, lush greenery for bobos style influences, and so much more. 

Watch the complete Paris Trend Report Video Here!Click Here to Request a PDF of the Paris Trend Report!


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