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Video: Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection

Amy Lombardo - Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

There are so many ways to use silk eucalyptus in a permanent botanical arrangement – especially once you start considering the vast array of varieties and color options that can make each arrangement stand out from the rest. 

Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD introduces one especially interesting combination available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. The spectacular Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection blends silk eucalyptus and silk lamb’s ear along with groupings of realistic berries interspersed throughout.

To showcase this exciting series, Vonda creates a small sample centerpiece that you can recreate in just a few steps. This centerpiece uses the Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus mixed bush option, but you can see the garland and wreath formats surrounding the workspace as well.

Vonda builds this sample centerpiece using the Verge Ceramic Cube as a base, which Vonda had previously prepared with a block of floral foam and a simple moss covering. Vonda inserts the silk eucalyptus and silk lambs ear sprigs in turn, taking care to create a uniform distribution with distinct color groupings. 

You can see how this arrangement comes together naturally. These colors and textures work so wonderfully together. And of course, you could always add your own accents to suit a specific event or theme. 

All the supplies used in this video are available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to find an impressive selection of wholesale silk flowers, foliage, and containers – everything you need to create gorgeous arrangements that will really wow your customers and clients. 

Shop the complete Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection here.
91661-00 – Verge Ceramic Cube 4.75x4.75, White 

Watch the video here!


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