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Video: For the Birds

Courtney May - Monday, June 13, 2016

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI shows how to incorporate our adorable resin birds into some beautiful spring designs! 

Products used in this design: 

Start by putting dry foam into the Norman Metal Pot for your insertions.  Choose one of the Vintage Gold birds from the set and glue it in the center of the foam so that it is the center of the design.  Next, take a few pieces of the Hedera Ivy and insert it around the bird.  Vonda inserts the ivy differently, leaving some pieces cascading down, while others she wraps around the design and inserts again.  This is not meant to be a mass insertion.  Just insert enough ivy that it goes all the way around the design.  

Now it's  time to create a focal point with a vibrant sunflower!  Cut a few stems off of your sunflower bush and insert one in the front and center to be the focal.  Then you can take a couple other stems and insert them towards the back to tie it all together.  Just remember when making your insertions, to point the flower heads towards the front so they face the viewer.  Also, be careful not to let the ivy or sunflowers cover up that adorable bird in the center!  If the bird is hiding, re-position the leaves of the ivy and the sunflowers to make sure your customers notice the bird! 

When merchandising this piece in your shop, place it with the embellished moss birdhouses and the other two birds in the set.  The the customer might add some of the other pieces as accents to the centerpiece or they may even purchase everything as a collection! 

The next design Vonda creates is using the Norman Metal Bowl, Garden Brown Resin Bird Set, and succulents.  Start again by placing foam in the metal container to prepare for insertions.  Choose two birds from the set of garden brown birds and glue them firmly in place to the foam.  Glue one bird facing forward and another one facing backwards so that these adorable birds are visible from all sides!  Now we are going to insert the succulents!  Succulents continue to gain popularity, so you can be sure that your customers will love this combination of trendy succulents and adorable birds! Insert the succulents around the birds, making sure not to detract from or cover the birds.  While you are making your insertions,  glue some sheet moss onto the edges of the foam to cover over any spots of foam that show through and complete the look.  

You now have two unique ideas of how to incorporate our adorable Resin Birds into floral designs!  


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