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Video: Frosty Meadow Dusty Miller Collection

Amy Lombardo - Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Dusty miller is a fantastically versatile piece for permanent botanical arrangements. This subtle silk foliage easily accommodates a wide range of accents, working well as a voluminous filler or even taking center stage in a design. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD introduces an especially stunning selection available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale – the gorgeous Frosty Meadow Dusty Miller Collection. 

This line of wholesale silk foliage is available as a wreath, garland, or bush, allowing plenty of options for quick and detailed compositions alike. The attractive pastel coloration makes it especially easy to coordinate. And thanks to the variation of leaf sizes brought together in one format, this artificial dusty miller offers instant appeal right from the package.

In this quick time-lapse video, you can watch as Vonda creates a lovely arrangement using only pieces from the artificial dusty miller bush accented with silk wild rose for a dash of lavender color. 

Vonda begins with the Jovi ceramic pot, also available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale, outfitted with a block of floral foam. She inserts each sprig of silk dusty miller – carefully spaced for balance. She takes care to create a subtle sense of asymmetry for a natural look. The lavender wholesale silk roses are added last. 

The result looks fresh and exciting, like something picked right out of the garden. Thanks to the varied leaves on the wholesale silk dusty miller, this arrangement looks like it took so much more time and effort than it really did. And the best part? You can easily put your own spin on this basic design.

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to stock up on wholesale silk dusty miller in wreath, garland, and bush formats – sure to come in handy time and time again. Pioneer also offers a diverse range of other wholesale silk flowers and accessories sure to bring your next permanent botanical arrangement to life.

Shop the complete Frosty Meadow Dusty Miller Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
PWDM2741FSG Dusty Miller Bush X9, 20”, Frosted Sage
PWW2742FSG Dusty Miller Wreath 21”, Frosted Sage
PWG2740FSG Dusty Miller Garland 6’, Frosted Sage
PWR2616LV Wild Rose Bush 15”, Lavender
DF348G/20 Premium Dry Foam Bricks *20-piece case*
94831-72 “Jovi” Ceramic Pot 5.25x6.25”, Black Pearl

Watch the video here!


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