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Video: Gray Succulents Design

Amy Lombardo - Thursday, February 07, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Modern design palettes are taking advantage of grays more and more. This neutral serves as a strong base for a variety of popular styles, from minimalist to industrial to contemporary chic. Gray accommodates dark and light themes equally well while helping any other accent colors pop. 

Professionals who specialize in home or event décor can benefit from having a wide array of permanent botanicals with gray undertones. Artificial succulents are especially versatile and up-to-date. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI shows off a few examples available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale – you can see the appeal of these beautiful gray succulents with the simple arrangement she creates.

Vonda begins with a ceramic bowl with a calming gray glaze, a fantastic choice to bring out the gray within the wholesale artificial succulents to be used in this composition. This bowl has been prepared with a block of dry floral foam to hold the artificial succulents in place. A layer of moss conceals the foam for a more natural look. To create a desert theme, you could choose to use small pebbles instead.

A quick time-lapse shows the creation of this handsome arrangement. Vonda begins with the larger artificial echeveria picks and works her way to the smaller bundle. You can see how plump and lifelike each one looks – just like real succulents. 

Explore the Pioneer Catalog to find the wholesale artificial succulents used in this video, along with a wide variety of others. These gray artificial succulents are a useful addition to any designer’s toolbox – sure to prove useful as focal points and small accent pieces alike. 

Shop the complete Gray Succulents Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
CE9222GYFS – Echeveria Pick 7.5”, Gray Frosted
CE4194GRBU – Soft Echeveria Pick 9”, Green/Burgundy
CE1325GYGR – Echeveria Pick X3, 8”, Gray/Green
CM0165GRGY – Echeveria Pick 6”, Green/Gray
DF348G/20 – Premium Dry Foam Bricks *20-piece case*
93915-00 – “Polly” Ceramic Bowl 7.75x3.5”, Light Blue

Watch the video here!


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