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Video: How To: Create A Double Layer Bow

Christa Mele - Monday, November 05, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Knowing how to create a variety of stylish bows is an essential skill for those who work in careers where decorative presentation matters. Whether you work with floral arrangements, gifts, or home décor, the ability to quickly create attractive custom bows will save you a tremendous amount of time and money compared to purchasing pre tied. 

Add another type of bow to your repertoire with this quick video demonstration from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale - Susan Huelsman AIFD walks through the process of creating a double layer bow, an easy design that offers dramatic visual impact.

To create this two-tone double layered bow, Susan advises creating the center of the bow first. She takes a length of linen ribbon and uses a basic bow technique to create a small and compact bow. Susan points out that the outer layer will need to be larger than the top layer, so it is important to make sure this initial bow remains a reasonable size. 

Susan cuts the ribbon once she reaches her desired number of layers. She trims the ribbon close to the bow, creating shorter tails suitable for central placement. 

A length of wire will secure the loops. Susan wraps this wire tightly around the center of the bow, leaving enough wire at the ends to attach the larger bow in a later step.

Using a length of contrasting yet coordinated ribbon, Susan begins constructing the second larger bow using the same twist-and-loop process as the first. You can create as many looped layers as you want, but Susan keeps things simple for this demonstration with a simple two loop design. Here, she trims the tails a little longer for a delightful decorative effect.

Susan completes the design by placing the smaller bow atop the larger one, using the remaining wire to secure both pieces together. Make sure to twist the wire well so all the loops stay tight and secure as you fluff them to your desired shape and level of volume. 

These double layer bows are a great way to maximize the use your ribbon supplies. You get a fantastic look without using much product - in fact, this is also a great way to use lengths of premium ribbon that might be too short to use for other purposes.

You can find both the linen ribbon and wired gingham ribbon used in this tutorial readily available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to explore your options - Pioneer offers a wide variety of wholesale ribbon in a range of colors, styles, and sizes. Pioneer can help you find the perfect ribbon for any purpose or occasion. 

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