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Video: How To: Create a Satin Bow

Christa Mele - Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Working with satin ribbon requires a different approach compared to other ribbon materials. Those who are new to working with satin options will quickly find the surface is a little slippery, sometimes making it difficult to hold in place – especially when it comes to creating bows.

In this video demonstration, Susan Huelsman AIFD shares a few helpful tips and techniques that make working with satin so much easier. 

Susan begins by explaining the importance of a soft touch. As you are folding loops to create a bow, you want to keep a loose and gentle grip on each ribbon section you work with. The hand that holds the ribbon together is a different story – keep your fingers clenched nice and tightly over the center.  

As you work, the slippery satin ribbon will want to slide around. Keep your fingers moving, using a soft touch to fold the loops and tight grip to hold the center in place. 

The larger the bow, the less control you might have over the way the ribbon moves. If you need to create a large satin bow, take your thin flexible wire of choice and tie off the bow partway through. You can go back and keep adding more loops, stopping to secure your progress with the wire as often as you want. 

Working with satin ribbon gets easier with practice. Before you know it, you’ll be constructing stunning satin ribbon bows without a second thought. 

Once you feel confident working with satin ribbon you’ll want to use this beautiful material all the time, and Pioneer can help. Find wholesale satin ribbon in a wide range of colors and styles available through the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. 

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Watch the video here!


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