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Video: How To: Create a Succulent Garden

Amanda Thomas - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B

Succulent gardens are a versatile and creative way to bring a touch of nature to the indoors without taking up much space – they’re a wonderful way to decorate sales displays, homes, and even offices. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI uses selections from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to create a beautiful faux succulent garden from start to finish. 

Vonda begins by preparing a container - the one in this video is the Galveston metal planter from Pioneer. A block of floral foam will serve as a secure base for the succulents. 

Give the base a realistic and natural appearance with just a few simple steps. Spray the top of the foam block with adhesive and sprinkle potting soil over the area you sprayed. Shake off the excess soil and allow your work to dry for just a few minutes. Then, add another coat and another layer of soil. Build up to two layers or repeat as needed. 

Next, Vonda places the foam base into the planter and begins to arrange a colorful selection of faux succulents from the Pioneer collection. She impresses the importance of visual balance – in terms of both succulent size and color. Finally, soft sprigs of artificial maidenhair fern soften the aesthetic. 

Because of the soil-topped foam base, the artificial succulent arrangement doesn’t need to cover every inch of space. The result looks free and natural as if they simply grew that way. 

Pioneer Imports & Wholesale offers a wide variety of artificial succulents for endless arrangement options. Explore the website for wholesale containers, imitation plants and greenery, supplies, and all the decorative accessories you or your customers might need to create your own whimsical faux gardens. 

Shop products from the video:

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Watch the video here!


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