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Video: How To: Create an Easy to Ship Gift Basket

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, October 02, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

One of the most memorable things about any gift basket is the presentation – a lovingly arranged gift basket shows a level of care, creativity, and enthusiasm that goes so far beyond the contents alone. 

Shipping a gift basket through a traditional postal service can make the presentation factor a little tricky at times. Items can shift or even fall out of the basket, and sometimes the packing materials themselves may interfere with the aesthetic of the composition and reduce that all-important “wow” factor. 

In this quick video demonstration, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how to create a gift basket that can stand up to the shipping process. By using shrink wrap available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale, you can ensure that your arrangement comes out of the box looking just as lovely as it did when you packed it.

Susan begins by introducing the basket used in this tutorial – also readily available from Pioneer. This style of basket comes in three different colors to suit a variety of themes. This size was designed for shipping in a standard medium-size mailing box while requiring only the most minimal of packing materials.

This tutorial uses a 16”x16” shrink wrap cap. Susan places the completed gift basket in the cap sideways and folds down the ends. She adds a small strip of tape underneath to hold the wrap in place before repeating the process for each side. 

Using a heat gun, Susan applies even heat around the basket to activate the shrink wrap. She pays special attention to the top of the arrangement, ensuring the wrap hugs the included items to prevent any shifting during shipping.

The basket is neat and secure within minutes! The process could not be any easier.

For a decorative presentation, Susan adds a small bow to the top of the wrapped basket. She ties a length of matching ribbon around the bottom of the basket and uses it to secure the bow in place before trimming the tail. Simply fluff the bow to complete the look. 

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale websiteto find the wholesale baskets, wholesale ribbon, and shrink wrap supplies used in this video tutorial – along with a wide range of other accessories that can help you take your gift basket presentation to the next level/

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