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Video: How To: Design with Misty Morning Collection

Amanda Thomas - Monday, May 07, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

The Misty Morning Collection from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale lends itself well to a soft mono-botanical design. Here the use of a wholesale silk flower selection in soft mauves, turquoise and greens can be used very simply to appeal to your customers’ tastes for something not “over-designed.” It may be just the thing for a simple bathroom or bedroom accent, or really anywhere that needs a softer style.

Remember, in the home many clients are looking for pieces that feel comfortable and soothing. This project is perfect for that type of touch.

Gather together the three glass vases, from our wholesale container selections, to focus and begin to assemble these very basic pieces we’ve chosen. Use three small hydrangea pieces bound together with tape to create a small bouquet. Next, bind a similarly-sized bunch of peonies together. Finally, fashion a lamb’s ear grouping to match the dimensions of the first two floral pieces.

Now, you simply match the colors to the vases and voila! You have completed a three-piece design, simple yet adaptable to many areas and uses. Heavily designed pieces are not always necessary to create a lovely look and give the customer basic options.

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Watch the video here.


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