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Video: How to: Trendy Simple Eucalyptus Design

Amanda Thomas - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

With the current popularity of the home decorating networks, consumers are used to seeing a room transformed from an outdated look with a very simple dash of décor. You, too, can add a special touch to your client’s home easily. It can be both uncomplicated and trendy with the use of eucalyptus, even without any other silk flowers or plants.

Products used in this video:
#PWE1091BL – Eucalyptus Bush
#PWE1090GWH – Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bush 
#G444 – Glass Cube
#4300 – Waterproof Floral Tape, Green 
Zip ties
River rock

In this simple project, you can achieve elegant, chic looks in minutes. Using both gray and silver-dollar eucalyptus pieces, you’ll be able to create little touches around your clients’ houses, just as they’ve seen on television and in magazines.

For the gray eucalyptus bush, gather several stems all together in your hand, keeping the small pieces on top. Clear a little room on the stems to fasten them together with a black zip tie. Fluff the pieces out a bit, and pull the leaves over the zip tie to cover it. Then clip the end of the tie off. Trim the bottoms to a consistent length and now you have a piece to drop into a simple clear container.

A single vase may be all that’s needed. However, with the choices available from your stock of wholesale containers, consider using multiples. With each one full of the sprigs of eucalyptus, and spaced to fit the length of the table, you’ll end up with a stunning centerpiece. Embellish the design by angling the branches in different directions. Adjust the look by choosing varying heights for different homes – three short glass containers or, perhaps, a medium height paired with a taller one.

For another look, but still in the same vein, try the silver dollar eucalyptus. You can add a few pieces of river rock to the bottom of your simple glass vase. With this variety, try taking a single stem and push the leaves up to form a cluster, using green floral tape to finish off the end. Or use the longer, less dense look for a taller vase. 

Keeping a wholesale supply of eucalyptus on hand can give you several creative options while offering simple, yet trendy, home décor solutions to your clients. 

Watch the video here!


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