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Video: How To: Upgrade Your Gift Basket Look

Orders Pioneer - Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

A bow can completely change the presentation of a gift basket. Make sure the theme and intent of a gift basket shines through clearly by choosing the right bow style to complement the contents within. 

In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD demonstrates three examples using wholesale ribbon and bows from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. These finished bows represent “good, better, and best” options. 

Susan begins with a lovely little pull bow. This is the type that you would normally wrap around a bottle of wine or small basket, a simple and subtle enhancement. Susan takes it up a notch by adding a #40 ribbon to the back – a nice way to bring out the green colors of the gift basket contents. This is a nice starting point, a solid “good” choice sure to improve any arrangement.

The next bow takes things into the “better” territory. Susan showcases a beautiful hand-tied bow that starts with a #9 linen wholesale ribbon over a #40 gingham. It’s a great style that looks expensive without costing much for materials. 

And finally, Susan brings attention to the “best” bow option using a gold-threaded #9 Lexie bow over a base of spectacular #40 burgundy Hatley ribbon. This bow looks elegant and fabulous, great for executive gifts. When presenting a luxury basket, anything less than the best could take away from the overall impact. 

You can find the ribbon selections featured here available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer offers a wide variety of ribbon styles at every price point. Expand your collection with wholesale ribbon from Pioneer to make sure you always have the tools to create the best bow for any project. 

Shop products from the video:
#3209ST Stained Willow Tray Basket
#PF9(Color) Pull Bow 1.5”
#22-4361-40-533 Wired Willow Ribbon (sold out)
#ILN-9-(Color) Linen Ribbon (sold out)
#RD3834(Color) Gingham Ribbon
#X01048-40-(Color) Wired Hatley Ribbon
#X01001-9-(Color) “Lexie” Ribbon

Watch the video here!


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