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Video: How To: Use Double-Sided Ribbon

Christa Mele - Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Double-sided ribbon offers double the fun vibrant color. In this video demonstration, Susan Huelsman shows how to make super colorful bows that really capture attention using any double-sided ribbon.

The ribbon Susan uses here is a bold satin design – pink on one side and purple on the other. Susan begins by reminding viewers about the twist technique used to create basic bows. In this case, skipping that twist is the secret to showing both sides of the double-sided ribbon used here.

Susan demonstrates the process, following all the steps for a basic bow but leaving out the twist. The first layer of loops shows one side of the ribbon and the next layer shows the other. You can continue this process until you reach the number of layers you desire. Creating this bow is just as simple and straightforward as it looks. 

The result is a versatile basic bow with alternate bands of bright pink and purple. Finish the bow by tying it off as normal – now it’s ready to use wherever you need a cheerful pop of color.

Every great bow starts with great ribbon. You can find a wide selection of wholesale ribbon in a range of colors and styles available within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. 

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