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Video: Mix It Up with Value & Elegance

Christa Mele - Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how you can combine different ribbon selections from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale to elevate your bow creations.

Susan begins by introducing a handful of Trends Ribbon Assortments – useful ribbon collections that serve as fantastic building blocks for a variety of bow styles. Each assortment includes six different bolts of #9 ribbon that go great together and with other ribbon styles. Here you can see two different sets in metallic and gold, along with a nice assortment of white ribbons off to the side. 

You can see the versatility of each ribbon with Susan’s quick demonstration. She takes a bow made from #9 ribbon and shows how well it pairs with the wired “Envy” ribbon in both silver and gold. Then she shows what it would look like with the bold Anisha shantung ribbon as well. 

Or, you can go straight for a truly high-end look with the tapestry “Paron” ribbon – a sophisticated pairing for elegant projects.

The end of the video shows a quick slideshow with each combination as completed bows.  

Do you want to build up your stock of ribbon so that you can always have the perfect bow for any occasion? Let Pioneer Imports & Wholesale help. Pioneer offers a range of wholesale ribbon in individual rolls as well as pre-coordinated Trends Ribbon Assortments. 

Shop products from the video:
#XRT056 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Metallics
#XRT050 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Golds
#SRT044 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Whites
#X00010-40-(Color) Wired “Envy” Ribbon
#22-1569-40-(Color) Wired “Anisha” 
#22-4044-40-(Color) “Paron”

Watch the video here!


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