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Video: Opposites Attract Collection

Amanda Thomas - Thursday, February 08, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

A walk in your local public park or botanical gardens may give you a few new ideas, like those we’ve included in the new Opposites Attract collection.

You may notice that, at times, you’re drawn to a combination of colors from two very different palates. For instance, rather than pairing pinks, purples and blues together, nature may have placed a bright orange and brilliant blue together, as in the exotic bird-of-paradise bloom. 

And you may find this mix of colors really appeals to you. That’s often the case, where colors that one wouldn’t think would be grouped together suddenly pop and sizzle and draw the eye. Tagging together mixtures of colors from different slices of the color wheel can make a show-stopping centerpiece or be just the thing to pull together an otherwise lackluster shelf arrangement.

To compliment an unusual mix in colors, be sure to add textures that accentuate and small pieces to pull them together. A simple colored glass vase, or patterned paper with a woven-look pottery and, pieces of greenery will set off that new look.

Pioneer Imports and Wholesale has put together a 2018 Opposites Attract Collection specifically to help you in creating, perhaps, new and exciting looks for your clients. They may be surprised to find your concept gives them just that something a little different they were seeking.  

For all your wholesale floral and container needs, Pioneer’s Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog is the place to shop. See pages 8 and 9 for our complete Opposites Attract Collection.

Shop the complete Opposites Attract Collection here.

Watch the video here!


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