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Video: Pull Bows with Pizazz

Christa Mele - Thursday, November 29, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Do you have a pull bow design that you really enjoy, but wish there were more ways to use it?  In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how to transform even the most ordinary pull bow into an attention-worthy piece you can use anywhere – even as the focal point for a decorative arrangement. 

To begin, Susan finishes the pull bow as normal. She ties it tightly, then winds a piece of florist’s wire through the front to the back. 

Next, Susan begins creating a second bow. She selects a length of beautiful wired ribbon and begins constructing a standard bow. She starts with loops that are slightly wider than the pull bow and continues to make each loop larger than the last. You can keep building loops until the bow is your desired size.

Susan attaches the pull bow to this newly constructed bow, using the remainder of the florist’s wire to anchor the two pieces together. She ties everything off and fluffs out the loops evenly on each side. 

The result is a completely upgraded bow, a nice upscale piece that you can feel proud to add to any basket or decorative arrangement. Experiment with different types of ribbon, different colors and patterns – the possibilities are endless.

The Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog offers a wide range of wholesale ribbon styles, many perfect for bow combinations just like this one. Let Pioneer help you build a diverse inventory of ribbon that can take your bow-making skills to the next level. 

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Watch the video here!


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