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Video: Relaxing Silk Flower Petals

Amy Lombardo - Friday, January 10, 2020
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for a quick and uncomplicated way to relax your permanent botanicals when they look too tight and compact? 

Wholesale permanent botanicals are often shipped very tightly to minimize packaging. But that means the product often arrives a bit scrunched together, not quite as natural as they looked prior to shipping. 

The good news? There are so many easy remedies to get those materials back into their intended shape. Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI shares one of his favorite techniques in this quick video. The only thing you need is a simple heat gun – the kind you likely already own for shrink wrap packaging, also available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. 

Tom has found that hairdryers often don't produce enough heat, but standard heat guns provide that extra oomph. Tom notes that a little experimentation may be needed to grow accustomed to the upgrade in power over a hair dryer. You don't want to get close enough to singe the silk petals, but you do want to get close enough to relax the plastic material that binds the arrangement together. 

Once you determine the best distance and warm the plastic enough, you'll be able to easily massage the silk petals and stems to open those shapes into a more natural arrangement. You can direct the heat from the back as well as the front, emphasizing thicker areas that may need more attention.

This process can be repeated with the artificial foliage as needed. With only a few seconds with a heat gun, you can relax those freshly packed artificial botanicals with a ready-to-display natural look that proves so important to every arrangement. 

Keep that heat gun handy for all your permanent botanical shipments – or invest in one from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale if you don't have one already. Ditch the freshly unpacked look and let Pioneer help you make sure every arrangement looks freshly picked instead.  

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Watch the video here!


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