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Video: Sophisticated Serenity Collection

Amy Lombardo - Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for color palette inspiration to guide your spring and summer permanent botanical projects? 

The gorgeous Sophisticated Serenity collection by Pioneer Imports & Wholesale includes a range of hues specially selected to reflect wedding and event work trend forecasts – a soft yet lively collection sure to serve as an anchor throughout upcoming seasons. 

You can see a range of interesting garden-type silk flowers represented in the Sophisticated Serenity line. Tom Bowling AIFD PFCI introduces a number of these as he walks through a sample arrangement in this quick demonstration video. 

Tom begins with a pleasantly formal container – the Fiona compote from Pioneer. This piece is outfitted with a block of dry floral foam. His first insertion is gorgeous silk hydrangea in a pale blush pink, a true go-to permanent botanical. 

As he slides the artificial foliage toward the top of the flower, Tom explains that he will not be using much moss or other covering because the foliage serves as such an effective way to obscure the arrangement mechanics. He mentions that can easily pin a little moss in place later if needed. 

Tom's next addition is the gorgeous silk cabbage rose in one of his favorite Sophisticated Serenity hues, ivory pink. On closer inspection you can see that ivory pink is neither ivory nor pink, but a nice subtle middle ground that works well as a bridge between other popular hues. 

He pushes up the artificial foliage on these as well. You will notice that he employs a simple technique to make some of the silk cabbage rose insertions "spill" over the edge of the compote. He does this by creating a sweeping bend in the stem, then turning the silk blossom to face upward again. 

The next insertions are in the gorgeous thistle colorway, another new addition introduced with the Sophisticated Serenity collection. 

He moves on to the versatile ranunculus, using both the large and small sections to fill out the composition. To bolster that thistle color profile, he then sprinkles a bit of silk mini ranunculus throughout, building layers of dimension and depth within the composition. 

The final addition is a bit of artificial ornamental grass, exceptionally popular in event work and interior work. Tom suggests using this as if adding spice to a recipe – you don't want to overpower the composition but simply want to enhance it. He uses this to break up the traditional rounded forms and create strong visual interest.

If the artificial grass looks too strong, you can easily trim or thin it out. 

Ready to start experimenting with these attractive new colors? Check out the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to explore the Sophisticated Serenity collection, along with other distinctive ranges sure to come in handy over the spring and summer seasons. 

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