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Video: Verdant Collection

Amanda Thomas - Monday, April 30, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Kathy L. Hall

To be able do on-demand pieces with lots of foliage, you’ll need to keep a good wholesale supply on hand. For this spring, Pioneer Imports & Wholesale has put together an exciting group of greenery called the Verdant Collection. It’s chockful of brilliant colors and opulent textures, just perfect for your daily needs and today’s project. 

We’ll create a beautiful bridal bouquet in the newest trend – all greens. Our selection of foliage for this project, listed below, compliment each other very well. The hues here are perfect for spring and are enhanced with a variety of shapes and textures.

Using the spring green colored Hedera ivy as an intact base, begin to insert the other sprigs, taking full advantage of the natural drape of this versatile piece. Fill out the spray with the lacy fern pieces and the look will begin to take shape. Adding in the colorful Boxwood and other bits will pull your piece together, with a surprisingly traditional bridal look in an up-to-date bouquet.

Secure the pieces at the back of the ivy and fluff out any areas that need it. Adding an accent piece of white ribbon, woven throughout, will pull everything together and lend a rich touch to the lush green of your spray. It’s now ready for the bride’s walk down the aisle.

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