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Video: Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection

Amy Lombardo - Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

There are so many ways to use silk eucalyptus in a permanent botanical arrangement – especially once you start considering the vast array of varieties and color options that can make each arrangement stand out from the rest. 

Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD introduces one especially interesting combination available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. The spectacular Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection blends silk eucalyptus and silk lamb’s ear along with groupings of realistic berries interspersed throughout.

To showcase this exciting series, Vonda creates a small sample centerpiece that you can recreate in just a few steps. This centerpiece uses the Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus mixed bush option, but you can see the garland and wreath formats surrounding the workspace as well.

Vonda builds this sample centerpiece using the Verge Ceramic Cube as a base, which Vonda had previously prepared with a block of floral foam and a simple moss covering. Vonda inserts the silk eucalyptus and silk lambs ear sprigs in turn, taking care to create a uniform distribution with distinct color groupings. 

You can see how this arrangement comes together naturally. These colors and textures work so wonderfully together. And of course, you could always add your own accents to suit a specific event or theme. 

All the supplies used in this video are available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to find an impressive selection of wholesale silk flowers, foliage, and containers – everything you need to create gorgeous arrangements that will really wow your customers and clients. 

Shop the complete Brisbane Berry Eucalyptus Collection here.
91661-00 – Verge Ceramic Cube 4.75x4.75, White 

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Video: Watercolor Garden Collection

Amy Lombardo - Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Follow along with this quick video as Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD creates two gorgeous permanent botanical arrangements using the Watercolor Garden collection from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. 

This wholesale silk flower collection features a whimsical blend of soft pastels and punchy vibrant hues across a spectrum of pinks, lavenders, greens, and beyond. Using the Watercolor Garden line is a fantastic way to create your own Monet-inspired designs that exude a peaceful springtime vibe. 

In this video, Vonda creates a pair of companion pieces – perfect for display together. Both are arranged in the fresh mint-colored Fremont bowl, a cool mosaic design that offers a contemporary decorative touch. 

Vonda begins with the short and wide version of the Fremont bowl. She places an initial tuft of voluminous silk hydrangea in lavender, stems trimmed short. A selection of silk cabbage rose in yellow blush is added as a distinct grouping to give the arrangement a modern asymmetrical feel. A small spray of silk dusty miller finishes the piece with natural flair.

Next comes an arrangement for the taller container. Vonda begins by adding silk dusty miller around the edges to create an elegant collar. Tall, long stems of silk sweet pea stand at the center of this design while lavender hydrangea forms a bed of silk petals at the bottom. 

Vonda begins to fill in the middle height portion with a peppering of peach silk ranunculus. You may notice that she ends up with one left. Vonda simply tucks this final piece in with the first arrangement – a great way to tie the two pieces together. Long stems of rich magenta helleborus adds one last splash of color to ensure this tall composition stands out as a true focal point.

The result is a fabulous pair of permanent botanical arrangements great for display together or apart. Both capture the spirit of springtime using smart design techniques and, of course, the light and airy Watercolor Garden color palette. 

You can find the supplies used in this video within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Use wholesale silk flowers from the Watercolor Garden collection to make sure you’re always ready for any big springtime projects that come your way. Or take advantage of these versatile hues to mix and match creative combinations for any occasion.

Shop the complete Watercolor Garden Collection here.

97720-00 – “Fremont” Vase 3.75x4”, Mint
97726-00 – “Fremont” Bowl 4.75x2.75”, Mint

Watch the video here!

Video: Victoria Eucalyptus Collection

Amy Lombardo - Saturday, February 09, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

While the silk eucalyptus trend remains stronger than ever, this selection is a truly timeless mainstay in the toolbox of many who work with permanent botanical arrangements – a versatile choice any time a project calls for an earthy and organic silk foliage. 

Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD showcases the Victoria Eucalyptus Collection in this quick video demonstration. This collection from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale features a gorgeous blue/green/gray color, a bright and lively choice that fits well with a wide variety of color palettes. She begins by introducing three form factors: the garland, wreath, and bush.

For this sample arrangement, Vonda will be using the silk eucalyptus bush option. The gorgeous ceramic compote has been prepared with a block of floral foam to hold the permanent botanical selections in place, covered with a layer of moss for a natural and inconspicuous look. 

Vonda adds each sprig of wholesale silk eucalyptus one at a time, starting on one side and working her way around the edges. She carefully fills in the composition for even height and volume. 

The result is a super-simple, super-quick permanent botanical arrangement that would look fantastic anywhere. This look is easy to modify for custom themes – add your favorite silk flowers and foliage accents or switch up the container to achieve a different style. The sky is the limit with a selection as versatile as silk eucalyptus from the Victoria Collection.

You can find this gorgeous Victoria Collection silk eucalyptus available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with a wide variety of other wholesale silk eucalyptus options to suit any occasion and any style.  

Shop the complete Victoria Eucalyptus Collection here.

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PWE1094GYGR – Premium Eucalyptus Bush X6, 22”, Gray/Green
PWW1120GYGR – Premium Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath 22”, Gray/Green
PWG1121GYGR – Premium Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland 50”, Gray/Green
DF348G/20 – Premium Dry Foam Bricks *20-piece case*
96740-00 – “Benoit” Ceramic Compote 6.25x.5.75”, White

Watch the video here!

Video: Haven Collection

Amy Lombardo - Saturday, February 09, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Soft colors can infuse any occasion with an atmosphere of warmth and calm. The gorgeous Haven Collection from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale features a color palette of serene pastels – versatile and easy to coordinate. 

Are you looking for pastel inspiration? Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD showcases the Haven Collection in this quick video demonstration. Follow along as Vonda builds a bouquet using a small selection of wholesale silk flowers in this beautiful colorway.

Vonda begins the construction process by creating a base of foliage starting with silk eucalyptus in a light sage color. She adds silk maidenhair fern to create a trailing halo around the edges. 

Silk flowers from the Haven Collection are the next addition. You will notice that Vonda periodically stops to bind the bouquet with floral wire – this helps ensure the groupings remain securely in place. Vonda adds the blue silk hydrangea first and then binds her progress before making some subtle adjustments to the layout. 

Next is the silk cabbage rose in Vanilla Dream, followed by the Rose Quartz silk ranunculus. Her final additions are the silk green helleborus and silk sweet pea. She takes time to bind the arrangement between each grouping. Vonda has kept each color relatively close together, creating a wonderful color block effect. 

Once she has added all the Haven Collection silk flowers, Vonda binds the bouquet together one last time before trimming the stems for a tidy and even look. She wraps pink ribbon around the entire stem grouping to create a comfortable handle. The ribbon makes the rose quartz ranunculus really pop – feel free to get creative with your ribbon color choices to accentuate the color you want to emphasize the most.

After a little bit of fluffing and readjustments, Vonda displays the result – a fabulous bouquet that perfectly embodies the warm and serene look of the Haven Collection.

Explore the Pioneer catalog to find all the wholesale silk flowers used in this demonstration, plus so many more. 

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Video: Gray Succulents Design

Amy Lombardo - Thursday, February 07, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Modern design palettes are taking advantage of grays more and more. This neutral serves as a strong base for a variety of popular styles, from minimalist to industrial to contemporary chic. Gray accommodates dark and light themes equally well while helping any other accent colors pop. 

Professionals who specialize in home or event décor can benefit from having a wide array of permanent botanicals with gray undertones. Artificial succulents are especially versatile and up-to-date. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI shows off a few examples available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale – you can see the appeal of these beautiful gray succulents with the simple arrangement she creates.

Vonda begins with a ceramic bowl with a calming gray glaze, a fantastic choice to bring out the gray within the wholesale artificial succulents to be used in this composition. This bowl has been prepared with a block of dry floral foam to hold the artificial succulents in place. A layer of moss conceals the foam for a more natural look. To create a desert theme, you could choose to use small pebbles instead.

A quick time-lapse shows the creation of this handsome arrangement. Vonda begins with the larger artificial echeveria picks and works her way to the smaller bundle. You can see how plump and lifelike each one looks – just like real succulents. 

Explore the Pioneer Catalog to find the wholesale artificial succulents used in this video, along with a wide variety of others. These gray artificial succulents are a useful addition to any designer’s toolbox – sure to prove useful as focal points and small accent pieces alike. 

Shop the complete Gray Succulents Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
CE9222GYFS – Echeveria Pick 7.5”, Gray Frosted
CE4194GRBU – Soft Echeveria Pick 9”, Green/Burgundy
CE1325GYGR – Echeveria Pick X3, 8”, Gray/Green
CM0165GRGY – Echeveria Pick 6”, Green/Gray
DF348G/20 – Premium Dry Foam Bricks *20-piece case*
93915-00 – “Polly” Ceramic Bowl 7.75x3.5”, Light Blue

Watch the video here!

Video:How To: Centerpiece Design from the Royal Azure Collection

Orders Pioneer - Thursday, November 08, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Learn how to create a beautiful deep blue centerpiece using wholesale silk flowers from the versatile Royal Azure Collection by Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD will walk you through the process from start to finish in this easy-to-follow design demonstration. 

Vonda starts by introducing the wholesale permanent botanicals that will go into the composition – silk delphinium in midnight blue, silk peony in steel blue, silk eucalyptus bush in blue, and a few silk hydrangea blossoms in goldenrod for standout appeal.

This arrangement centers around a ceramic compote base, already outfitted with a block of floral foam for the video demonstration. Vonda begins with the silk delphinium because of its wonderfully straight lines, standing as the tallest flower to give the arrangement height and focus. 

Silk wild peony brightens the perimeter. Vonda inserts the deeper blue silk blossoms to bring the color of the silk delphinium down through the centerpiece. Silk hydrangea in bright goldenrod offers energetic contrast and immediately draws the eye as a stunning focal point. 

Permanent botanical hydrangea foliage fills any gaps and simple swaths of moss cover the foam. Vonda wraps up the composition with sprays of silk eucalyptus bush in a dusty teal color – a fantastic way to bridge between the earthy greens and bold blues used throughout.

Explore the rest of the wonderful Royal Azure Collection, along with other versatile color palettes, by browsing the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer offers a wide range of silk flowers, permanent botanical accents, and useful accessories like wholesale containers and ribbon. 

Shop the complete Royal Azure Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
#PWE1091BL – Eucalyptus Bush – Blue

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Video: How To: Arranging with Neutral Territory Collection

Orders Pioneer - Thursday, September 06, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

The beautiful Neutral Territory permanent botanical collection uses subdued colors like sand, parchment, chalk, and other warm neutrals – this versatile palette ensures these wholesale silk flowers and foliage remain useful throughout every season. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD creates a handsome centerpiece to highlight the endless potential of the Neutral Territory colorway. 

Vonda begins with a quick introduction to the items used in this demonstration, all available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. This project uses a rustic metal bowl as the centerpiece, outfitted with a block of floral foam to support the permanent botanicals that Vonda will add. 

A silk flower in parchment and silk ranunculus in custard are just two of the Neutral Territory selections to be used in this piece. Silk philodendron and a smaller burgundy leaf are two of the silk foliage choices used here. 

Before beginning work on the arrangement, Vonda creates a loose sphere out of wired curly willow to use as an accent. The interior wire makes the twigs easy to shape. Next, Vonda creates a bed of green with the large silk split-leaf philodendron. Long strings of silk burgundy foliage add length around the edges. 

With the bed of silk foliage in place, Vonda adds the curly willow sphere. A single silk flower blossom goes inside. Vonda continues adding the large parchment-colored silk flowers to the middle of the arrangement before lining the edges with the smaller custard-tone silk ranunculus.  

You can easily create centerpieces just like this one – perfect for commercial displays, formal events, and more – using the Neutral Territory from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to find these and other wholesale silk flowers and accessories suitable for a wide range of permanent botanical arrangements. 

Shop the complete Neutral Territory Collection here.

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Video: Peacock Jewels Collection

Orders Pioneer - Monday, August 27, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Putting a fresh twist on a classic color palette is an invigorating way to combine tradition with modern aesthetics. This is exactly what Pioneer Imports & Wholesale has done with the Peacock Jewels Collection – these vibrant jewel tones offer a stylish take on a favorite. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD demonstrates the versatility of this collection. She begins with two geometric ceramic containers that shine with those deep peacock-inspired hue and uses wholesale silk flowers from our new Peacock Jewels collection to draw out those jewel tones in a striking and dramatic way. 

One arrangement is already complete. This monochromatic design uses dusty coral peony and cabbage rose with boxwood accents, underlining the beautiful hues of the container. By using these silk flower selections, the colors of the container stand out even more. 

Next, Vonda makes a new arrangement using the smaller container, demonstrating another way to use the Peacock Jewels Collection. 

She inserts the dusty coral selections on one side with the peacock blue silk flowers on the other, striking a dramatic balance in terms of color and visual weight. Sprigs of boxwood add extra bounce and height to the design while drawing out more of the green found in the container. 

Vonda suggests designing a range of sizes when making displays. This will allow you to appeal to more types of customers – those looking for large arrangements, small arrangements, or in between – and it also allows you to show off the wide range of your abilities. Vonda suggests stocking your display tables with at least two to three color palettes and multiple sizes. 

You can find the Peacock Jewels Collection available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website, along with a diverse selection of accessories like wholesale ribbon and wholesale containers to match.  

Shop the complete Peacock Jewels Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
93752-00 – “Calico” Ceramic Vase, 5.5” x 9”, Turquoise

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Video: Moody Hues Collection

Orders Pioneer - Monday, August 06, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Color plays a crucial role toward creating a specific atmosphere for an event. Pioneer Imports & Wholesale offers a line of permanent botanicals perfect for this purpose. The Moody Hues Collection is a bold palette that consists of colors like burgundy, wine, and mauve – rich hues that drip with drama and personality. 
In this quick video demonstration, Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI creates a small centerpiece arrangement that easily highlights the powerful versatility of the Moody Hues Collection. This straightforward project keeps things simple, basing the design around a single permanent botanical bush containing silk zinnia, silk dahlia, and silk daisy. 

Vonda begins by first clipping each silk bloom from the bush itself. She uses these to make individual insertions into a block of floral foam, hidden within a small metal container. The container’s neutral finish allows the rich red floral tones to take center stage in the design. 

Vonda inserts the larger silk flowers first, creating a collar of voluminous faux florals around the edges. The smaller selections are added last, carefully placed to achieve a pleasant balance of color throughout the composition. Clippings of silk foliage, silk boxwood, and silk olive sprays add additional body to the centerpiece. 

The result offers abundant visual drama – an impressive composition for such a simple construction process. 

You can find these selections from the Moody Hues Collection readily available within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with a wide range of coordinated wholesale containers and accessories. 

Pioneer offers wholesale permanent botanicals in a diverse range of themes and color palettes to suit any occasion – you can depend on Pioneer to provide the perfect pieces to suit even the most specific requests of your clients and customers.

Shop the complete Moody Hues Collection here.

Shop products from the video:


72091-00 - "VOYAGE" METAL POT 5.25 x 5.25"

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Video: Sunflower Fields Collection

Orders Pioneer - Monday, July 30, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

This video tackles the topic of choosing the appropriate quality of wholesale silk flowers for a project. Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD uses two silk sunflower bushes from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale as examples. 

One variety combines the best of realism with an accessible price point, easy on the wallet without sacrificing on style – Vonda refers to this as a “Better” option. The other variety features breathtaking detail and vibrant lifelike quality, deserving of the “Best” designation suitable for use as a true focal point in a permanent botanical arrangement. 

But choosing between a “Better” option and a “Best” option can be difficult. Vonda’s favorite tip for making an appropriate selection involves first considering the container you will be using for the arrangement. This example compares a substantial concrete container with a handsome small metal pot. 

As Vonda points out, placing the smaller silk sunflowers in the substantial container creates a bit of a visual imbalance. On the other hand, the simple metal container allows the basic silk sunflower bush to shine with its full potential. The same applies to the voluminous and extra-realistic silk sunflowers and their coordinated high-end container.

Vonda creates sample arrangements with both silk sunflower bushes to demonstrate this concept in action. Perfectly balanced compositions result – you can see each silk flower and container combination playing off the strengths of their individual components. 

You can find both the “Better” and the “Best” silk sunflower bushes available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer also offers a diverse array of other wholesale silk flower varieties and wholesale containers, spanning a truly impressive spectrum of colors and styles for every occasion. Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to find the ideal products for your upcoming projects. 

Shop the complete Sunflower Fields Collection here.

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PWB1042MURD – Baby Grass Bush, x5, 20”, Mustard/Flame

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