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Tips from The Experts: The Prom

- Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The prom day has arrived!  You have already gone through the task of getting and taking the order, probably changing the order (once or twice), and making the order.  Now it is time for the pick up!  It is so important to have an organized system for order pickups.  If possible,  a separate area and register would be ideal.  A numbering system will also be a big help and make the day run much smoother.  Don’t forget that the packaging is also very important.  Make sure you put thought into the presentation of the product, both as you present to the client, but also as they present to their date.  There are many different products from wholesalers that can take you up a notch.

This post is courtesy of Sue Huelsman AIFD 

Product Comparison : Rock Candy vs. Princess

- Friday, March 03, 2017

Rock Candy Vs. Princess. 

These two bracelets look remarkably similar so we wanted to make sure you  know the differences between them and can make an informed decision when you go to place an order.

  Rock Candy #RC203
  • Made of rhinestones
  • Has 4 strands
  • Includes plastic platform & metal disc clip
  • 1 bracelet per package
  • Our #2 best selling bracelet 
  • $4.99 ea., Buy 12, $3.99 ea. 
 Princess Bracelet #PR1803
  • Made of acrylic stones - NOT rhinestones
  • Has 3 strands
  • Includes only the plastic platform
  • 2 bracelets per package 
  • New this year as part of the Fitz Select Budget line
  • $6.30/pkg, Buy 12+ pkgs., $5.60/pkg 

So to sum up all the differences, The Princess bracelet provides a nice option if you're looking for a bracelet with bling, but have a tight budget to stick to!  We suggest keeping both of these bracelets in your store.  This way, you can offer the rock candy first, and if the customer loves the look, but maybe not the price, you can offer the Princess bracelet to suit both her style and budget.  

2017 Prom Trend: Soft Blushes & Blues

- Friday, March 03, 2017

We saw a lot of blues and soft blushes in the new prom lines for 2017.  Designer, Sherri Hill, especially showcased these colors in fun, patterned styles.  Pair with a bracelet of a complementary color or any neutral rhinestone or pearl.  Shop all the items below to match the trend here

2017 Prom Trend: Illusion

- Friday, March 03, 2017

This trend is remaining very strong for 2017.  Sheer fabric and cutouts are accenting many dresses on the back, sides, skirt, and tops - really everywhere! Mimic this trend in the accessories with clear crystal beads and sheer ribbon.  Shop all the items below to match the trend here. 

2017 Prom Trend : Embroidery

- Friday, March 03, 2017

More delicate patterns are trending with the emergence of intricate embroidery, creating a sophisticated, high style look this prom season!  We are seeing embroidery especially on the top half of the dress in beautiful beads, rhinestones, and stitching.  Think of all the stunning embroidered dresses we saw on the red carpet this year!  Pair these dresses with a one of a kind, intricate bracelet to really complete the look!  Shop all the items below to match the trend here

2017 Prom Trend : Floral Prints

- Friday, March 03, 2017

Bold floral prints are even stronger for 2017 and are blooming over every style of dress!  With such a bold print on the dress, simple accessories will go best with this look.  Try complementary or neutral colors in classic beads, or iridescent rhinestones to pull all the colors from the print together.  Shop all the items below to match the trend here

2017 Prom Trend : Burgundy

- Friday, March 03, 2017

Last year we saw a lot of red, but this year the color trend is going a few shades darker, as burgundy takes the stage as the hottest prom color trend for 2017!  Burgundy dresses are best paired with warmer metallics like copper, gold, and rose gold.  And just in time, your favorite bracelets - Sophisticated Lady and Rock Candy are now available in both rose gold and copper!  Here are some suggestions for what to pair with burgundy. Shop all the items below to match the trend here


Tips from the Experts : The Promposal

- Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Promposal is becoming an increasingly large part of the prom experience today.  A 2015 study by Visa found that the average American household with teens spends $324 on the Promposal.  You can and should be a part of that!  Helping someone with the perfect promposal will be the BEST advertising for you!  It will guide you into providing the rest of the flowers needed for the entire event and hopefully beyond.  



This may very well be the first time the client is coming into your shop and they may be nervous and/or confused about how, what, and why.  It is your job to take the time to cultivate this forever client – you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  If you want to have customers moving forward into the next generations, this is the time to show them the importance of flowers.  The ideas you give them can be as simple as petals or an arrangement, or you may offer more elaborate, creative ideas that they probably never thought of!  You may want even want to coordinate with other vendors to create a truly personalized and inventive plan.


*This post is courtesy of Sue Huelsman AIFD 

Tips from the Experts: Team Prom Planning

- Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In preparation for Prom Season you should get together with your key people (designers, order takers, etc.) and review the following questions to create a conversation and an activity list. 

  • Do you have an area where you can do consults without interruption of other customers?
  • Do you have samples made up in both fresh and silk? 
  • Do you have a design board that takes clients through the creation process with you?
  • Have you trained your designers and other associates to take an order, what questions to ask and what to be prepared for?
  • Have you done all of your pricing in advance (making sure you are using a 30% labor)?  Have you worked with your wholesalers to take advantage of any specials/discounts to maximize your profitability?
  • Can you take advantage of having “Prom Promoters” at local schools?  These can be students that are willing to promote you by wearing your designs beforehand to school or by working at your store for a “prom day” booking party in exchange for their designs.
  • Have you created a Prom-Package?  These packages can include prom-posal items, flowers for the prom-mom,  or anything else that would create a great one-stop shopping experience.  
This blog is courtesy of Sue Huelsman AIFD

Tips from the Experts - Overview for Prom 2017

- Thursday, February 16, 2017

Written by Sue Huelsman AIFD 

We all know that proms have changed in the past 5 years.  Staying on top of all the options is necessary to make great product and increase  sales.  Pioneer Imports and Wholesale has everything you will need to keep up with the current styles that will make your prom sales grow.

In the following weeks, this blog series "Tips from the Experts" , will explore the following avenues to help you get the most out of prom!  

  • The Prom-posal – this is the first thing you need to be involved with.  Helping someone create the perfect promposal will be the best advertising for you.  It will guide you into providing the rest of the the flowers needed for the entire event and hopefully beyond.
  • The Pre-Prom – more and more activities are being scheduled.  Pictures, prominades (walks), gathering places, photo ops, home parties.  You need to investigate and make sure you are involved in some or all of these kinds of activities.
  • The Prom-Mom – As you are talking to the students you should also let them know that if they really want to impress both the date and the parent (always important) they should have a small floral design to present to the parent.  Just a small token (single flower wrapped or in a container) with a card.
  • The PROM – every area is different and there is an entire list of questions you need to ask yourself and make sure you have (or get) the answers.  Below is a list of questions/statements for you to use as a starting point.
    • Do the students come in with a parent?
    • Do they order the pieces together?
    • Do the pieces “have to MATCH”?
    • Corsage?
    • Elevated Corsages?
    • Nosegay?
    • Bouquet?
    • Is different good – will they go for cutting edge designs?
    • Do they “have to have ribbon”?
    • Do your customers need visuals?
    • Do your customers believe that your “designers know what they are doing – let them do it!”
    • Do the pieces need to be just like all the rest?
    • Silk, Fresh, Both?

Stay tuned! In the next three segments we will dig deeper into each area and give you some advanced ideas and techniques.  Here's to a profitable and stress-less prom season.