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Video: Sydney Eucalyptus Bouquet

Orders Pioneer - Monday, October 01, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

The versatile silk Sydney eucalyptus from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale perfectly captures that rich organic look that so many brides ask about.  

In this quick video demonstration by Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI, learn how to build an elegant custom bouquet that takes only minutes to create. This design is perfect for displays, decorations, for larger groups of wedding attendants, and other situations where you might need a gorgeous high-quality design that takes almost no time to put together. 

For this project, Vonda uses three of the premade real touch silk rose bouquets – available wholesale from Pioneer – along with the silk Sydney eucalyptus bush in lovely dusty green. 

Vonda removes the ties from the silk bouquets before joining them together as one voluminous grouping. She takes trimmed sections of the silk eucalyptus and creates a collar around the bouquet itself. You can see how the addition of the silk eucalyptus immediately enhances the profile and color palette of the arrangement for an unforgettable composition.

Experiment with different combinations of the silk Sydney eucalyptus bush with other silk flower designs to see exactly how versatile this selection really is. Silk eucalyptus is a fantastic starting point for bouquets that are quick, easy, and exceptionally beautiful.

You can find the supplies used in this video within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website, along with a wide variety of other silk flowers, silk foliage, and accessories like wholesale ribbon and dazzling accents. Let Pioneer help you make standout arrangements for any type of event.

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#PWR0140WH – Real Touch Rose Bouquet x5, 10”

Watch the video here!

Video: How To: Autumn Bounty Cascading Bouquet

Orders Pioneer - Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

In this easy-to-follow video demonstration, learn how to create an attendant’s bouquet with an elegant trail. This piece uses gorgeous autumn-inspired wholesale silk flowers from the Autumn Bounty Collection available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. 

Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD begins this tutorial by introducing each of the permanent botanicals used within the bouquet – large silk mums in deep orange, silk cosmos in a shade of burgundy called “flame”, silk autumn boxwood bush, and the silk long baby grass bush in red and yellow.

The large silk mums serve as the heart of this design. Prior to the beginning of the video, Vonda prepared these permanent botanicals by cutting the blossoms from the foliage. She then gathers the silk blossoms into a rounded shape that will inform the rest of the arrangement.

Next, Vonda begins adding the vine-like silk baby grass. Its long and elegant tendrils hang low to create the trail or cascade of the attendant’s bouquet. She adds a few shorter sprigs toward the back for balance. 

Silk boxwood works like a bridge between the deep orange of the silk mum blossoms and the mustard color of the silk baby grass vine. 

Vonda places this selection all the around the edges of the arrangement. As Vonda points out, there is no reason to worry if the design looks bunched together at this point – there is plenty of time to rearrange before finalizing the bouquet. 
Vonda adds the silk cosmos last. Using some of the longer-stemmed picks with foliage removed, she creates a small trail that continues down the cascade. The rest of the silk cosmos find their home carefully placed throughout the bouquet. 

Take time to ensure the various silk flowers are inserted at different heights within the overall composition to give the bouquet a dynamic sense of depth.

Fasten the finished bouquet together with a zip tie or floral tape, whichever you feel more comfortable using. After tightly binding the stems, Vonda takes a wire cutter and trims each stem to the same length. She finishes the design by wrapping the stems with coordinated ribbon.

The result is a well-balanced attendant’s bouquet with an elegant cascading trail, immediately catching the eye with its rich autumn tones. 

You can find the supplies used in this video – and so many more – available through the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer offers a wide range of wholesale silk flowers and accessories in color palettes to suit any season or event. 

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#PWB1042MURD – Baby Grass Bush – Mustard Flame (Sold Out)
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#PWM3314DPOG – Mum Bush – Deep Orange (Sold Out)
#PWC206 – Cosmos Bush

Watch the video here!

Wedding Wows #5: Floral Chandeliers

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

Wherever you hang a floral chandelier, it puts a spotlight on whatever is below it—as seen here, where a chandelier draws attention to the sweetheart table. “You’re creating a complete setting, with the bride and groom in the middle,” says Vonda. 

A chandelier can also hover above the spot where vows are exchanged or—enhanced with battery-powered fairy lights—twinkle above the dance floor. It has outsize visual impact because it’s visible from all around the room. 

Floral chandeliers can easily be made small or very large. The key is to use sturdy, lightweight, long-lasting materials, starting with a wired silk foliage wreath and adding other silk foliage and flowers as befits the wedding palette and theme. 

Cascading elements like silk butcher’s broom give a “hanging garden” look and are easily wired into a foundation like the silk eucalyptus wreath seen here. The butcher’s broom is wired at the base, while the tips are unwired for a natural drape. 

Likewise, realistic silk flowers not only are lightweight and long-lasting in themselves, making the chandelier much easier to design and to install, but also avoid the need for water tubes or foam. 

Here, silk peonies bring romantic pale pink up from the table into the chandelier. Of course, fresh flowers are also an option, and just a few can complete the illusion. 

A floral chandelier can be hung with coordinating ribbon, decorative wire, or nearly invisible, clear fishing line (monofilament), all depending on the environment and the design style. 

Versatile and high-impact, floral chandeliers are a trend made for the professional florist to promote and to explore. 

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

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Video: Seating Chart with Orange Calla Lilies

Orders Pioneer - Friday, September 14, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

There are so many interesting ways to handle wedding seating charts. In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD offers up one stylish idea that easily incorporates with the floral themes used throughout the venue. 

Each place card or escort card is made from beautiful wholesale real touch calla lilies and ribbon from Pioneer, along with antique-style keys that you would find at any local craft store. Vonda has attached a number to each of these elegant arrangements. 

Guests can grab a key and head to the table of their choice. Or, they can look for the key associated with their name and head to an assigned seat, depending on the seating chart style you have chosen. This fun idea is open to a wide range of variations.

Find the perfect silk flower accents and ribbon choices to create expertly-coordinated seating chart accessories with help from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website. 
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Watch the video here!

Wedding Wows #4: Escort cards

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

This relatively new idea has quickly taken hold with brides across the country. Instead of referring to a seating chart, guests look for their names printed on cards or tags, displayed near the entrance to the reception. 

The card tells the guest his or her table number. “It ‘escorts’ the guest to the right table,” Vonda explains, where he or she may find a place card, or simply take a seat if there are no place cards. 

“The opportunity for you as a florist is that very often, escort cards double as wedding favors that express the wedding style and theme,” Vonda continues. 

For example: for an autumn wedding with a rustic theme, you might suggest silk calla lilies in a bright pumpkin shade, each tied with satin corsage ribbon to an old-fashioned, cast-iron key—all displayed against a barnboard backdrop. 

For a more formal wedding, you could offer white silk flowers attached to an oversize gold or silver ring. 

It begins with asking your customer, “Are you having escort cards?” and following up with, “Let me give you a couple of ideas.” 

Floral concepts for escort cards can also make a great in-shop display, not to mention an attention-getting post on Pinterest or Instagram. 

It’s all about, not just making the sale, but positioning yourself as the wedding expert who is up on the trends and full of creative ideas. 

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

Video: Wedding Bouquet with Premium Eucalyptus

Orders Pioneer - Monday, September 10, 2018
Written by Lisa B. with additions from Sarah Botchick

Weddings are notoriously challenging, especially when you’re working with fresh product and you’re not sure what the quality will be. 

Sometimes the fresh flowers and you suddenly find yourself in a panic situation – the hydrangea is falling flat in 90-degree weather, the coloration of the dahlia is different than expected, or the stephanotis has already started turning brown. 

In this video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD explains the benefit of keeping high quality permanent botanical backups on hand. Keeping a range of gorgeous silk flowers back at the shop ensures you will never be stuck in a situation that leaves the bride without what she needs to make her important day as spectacular and perfect as possible.

Vonda starts by introducing a range of quality permanent botanicals available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. She begins with the beautiful silk hydrangea and silk dahlias – together, these two permanent botanicals offer the ideal shape and color for traditional wedding bouquets. These are powerful staples to keep on hand, able to solve a variety of common wedding worries. 

As a quick demonstration, Vonda quickly builds a sample bouquet starting with the silk hydrangea around a central focal point of silk dahlia. She adds texture in the form of the permanent botanical tealeaf bush with their distinctive decorative berries. Silk stephanotis and silk real touch roses add bright white that pops out from the backdrop of smooth cream tones. Vonda finishes the bouquet with a collar of silk silver dollar eucalyptus in a dusty grey green. This particular Eucalyptus bush is absolutely stunning. The leaves are created using a special screen printing technology that makes them look ultra-realistic.

The most important thing, as Vonda points out, is to keep in mind what the bride is expecting. If she is expecting fresh, make sure to choose permanent botanical options that look as fresh and realistic as possible. Or, consider incorporating fresh and permanent botanicals together to strike a workable balance.

If you cannot get what you are looking for with fresh flowers on an everyday basis, Pioneer offers a wide range of permanent botanical solutions that can step up and perform right when you need them. When it comes to weddings, there is never any room for doubt – if the bride expects to see her favorite flower, having access to the right permanent botanicals can save the day. 

You can find a diverse selection of wholesale silk flowers ranging from budget options to ultra-realistic premium pieces available through the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Let Pioneer help you delight your customers and clients through every step of wedding season. 

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#PWT2053BE – Tealeaf Bush w/Berries 18”, Beige

Watch the video here!

Wedding Wows #3: The Dessert Bar

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

It goes by many names (sweets table, sugar bar). “But no matter what your wedding customer calls it,” says Vonda, “perk up and listen. This is when, during the consultation, you can plant a seed.” 

Paint a picture to your customer of a table that makes an inviting impression—a fitting finale, keyed to the style and palette of the wedding. Dessert bars are in vogue, but your customer will want to avoid a potluck look. 

The current fashion is for a selection of desserts, elevated on cake platters, epergnes, or other accessories. Entwined around these to cover the rest of the table, garlands of silk foliage make a flexible foundation that brings unity and a natural touch to the display. 

A key success strategy is to coordinate the styling of the dessert bar in advance with the venue, the baker, or anyone else involved. Ask the venue coordinator, or whoever is setting out the desserts, if they can place the stands and platters first, then add the desserts after you have your garlands down. 

Silk or fresh flowers can be added here and there to the garlands as a way of bringing the wedding floral theme and palette into the display. Another option is to place a tall vase in the center of the table, with the desserts nestled underneath. The important thing is that at every stage of the wedding, the floral décor enhances the mood and expresses the personality of the wedding couple—right down to the delicious last act. 

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

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Wedding Wows #2: The Sweetheart Table

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

“Here’s a question you always want to ask your bridal customers these days,” says Vonda: “Are you planning to have a sweetheart table? 

“If the answer is yes, that’s an opportunity for you as a florist, to create a floral display that will make your customer happy and provide extra profit for you.” 

At a sweetheart table, the bride and groom sit facing their guests, often on an elevated platform so that they can see everyone and everyone can see them. What better opportunity could there be for using flowers?—to make the mood more romantic and to enhance the photo memories to come. 

The sweetheart table is usually small. Flowers need to leave room for table settings. They should lie low on the table and possibly cascade from the front. 

All of those requirements are easier to meet with silk flowers, or a combination of silk and fresh. Silk foliage garlands create a base of mixed leaf shapes and shades of green, to which silk flowers or fresh flowers in water tubes can be added. 

A floral chandelier, hanging directly above the sweetheart table, completes the setting and draws attention to the bride and groom from anywhere in the room. Stay tuned for more about floral chandeliers, another popular and profitable trend. 

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

Wedding Wows #1: Floral Arches

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Wedding design and marketing ideas from Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI 
Text by Bruce Wright

Floral arches have become extremely popular, especially for outdoor weddings—and it’s easy to see why, says Vonda. 

“During the ceremony, the arch frames the wedding couple and creates that picture-perfect moment,” she explains— just when all eyes are on the bride and groom. 

Brides who are planning an outdoor ceremony will be thrilled to hear that you can provide a floral arch with a lavish look that is also practical and affordable. The secret is to combine wholesale silk flowers and foliage with fresh. 

“If I make an arch that will be seen outdoors, I love knowing that it will hold up in any weather,” says Vonda. An arch made with silks can be set up early on the wedding day. Then, a few fragrant fresh flowers added to the arch complete the illusion of a fresh floral bower. Or, the arch can be all silk, and designs with fresh flowers brought in toward the end of the setup. 

The frame for the arch usually comes in three pieces, so the arch itself can be designed in advance and assembled on-site. All of the permanent components—the frame plus silk flowers and foliage—can be offered as a rental and re-used. 

The arch seen here drips with high-quality, realistic silk wisteria and butcher’s broom foliage—just two examples of wholesale silk flowers that can be woven into an arch foundation easily, with very little wiring required. 

Below the arch, urns were quickly filled with silk delphinium and silk eucalyptus bushes. They visually anchor the arch. Their upright stems beautifully complement the drape of the hanging wisteria and silk butcher’s broom. 

For floral arches, silk and fresh flowers are a marriage made in heaven!

Floral wedding trends you can take to the bank.

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Video: True Cream Event Design

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

A powerful addition to any designer’s toolbox, soft cream tones are a mainstay of wedding season and a range of everyday themes. But, as Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI points out, finding that true cream color often proves to be quite a challenge.  

Not only is it rare to find that perfect shade of warm yet bright cream, but it can be almost impossible to find cream tones that match across a variety of silk flower styles. But Pioneer Imports & Wholesale is here to help – Pioneer offers a wide range of silk flowers in that idyllic True Cream color, readily available to make your next permanent botanical project so much easier. 

This fabulous True Cream range spans all the most popular permanent botanical requests – silk hydrangea, silk cabbage rose, silk peony, silk dahlia, and so many other varieties you might want for your wedding clients or everyday designs. 

Vonda has created a beautiful arrangement in the Fairy Tale Compote container to demonstrate how well these silk flowers work together. Besides the silk flowers listed earlier, Vonda has also added brilliant trails of silk maidenhair fern to show how easily these True Cream selections work with other common accents. 

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website to see the entire range of wholesale silk flowers in True Cream along with a vibrant spectrum of other colors. Pioneer offers an incredible selection of silk flowers, wholesale containers, and useful accessories for every style and occasion. 

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