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Video: Mix It Up with Patterns

Orders Pioneer - Friday, November 16, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Bold patterns and bright colors always find their way back into current design trends. Knowing how to work with ribbon that stands out from the rest is a skill you’re sure to use time and time again. Don’t be afraid to try unconventional combinations – you just might be surprised by the results. 

In this quick video, Susan Huelsman AIFD demonstrates a very creative ribbon pairing using wholesale ribbon selections from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. 

Susan has started with a bow made from wired #40 satin ribbon in floral silk. She layers it over a short section of a wired #40 shantung plaid ribbon to give the combination a little extra pop. And the result is impossible to overlook! You can see how the oranges and greens echo the colors in the floral print while the addition of bright blue extends the spectrum of color for an exciting effect.

This playful combination can bring tremendous personality to any wreath, gift basket, or other project. The options are truly endless. 

Susan also includes a few suggestions for finishing the ends. You can do a modern angled cut or simply roll the edge for a neat finished look. You might experiment with different end styles to see which one best matches your project.

You can find both ribbon selections available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer offers a wide variety of other wholesale ribbon styles as well, spanning a range of colors and materials – perfect for building a diverse stock of ribbons to mix and match for any occasion. 

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#162594-40-99 Wired “Cabrillo” (sold out)
#22-4175-80-99 Wired “Meadow”

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Video: How To: Finishing Bow Edges Part 2

Orders Pioneer - Thursday, November 15, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Even the most well-made bow is never quite complete without giving a little extra attention to the ribbon ends. Tidy ends ensure the composition looks neat and finished – and helps to reduce the risk of fraying and raveling. 

In this video tutorial, Susan Huelsman AIFD demonstrates one quick and easy method that looks fantastic. But first, she mentions that a simple rolled edge generally works just fine. If you don’t have the time or the proper equipment for other methods, a rolled edge looks nice and helps weigh down the ends of the ribbon.

The other alternative is a nice angled cut. This gives the ribbon a lightweight and professional-looking finish. Simply take your sharp ribbon shears and cut across at a neat angle. Match the other end of your ribbon to the piece you just cut to make sure both are even.

If you are working with a wired ribbon like the one in this video, you may need to take a moment to complete the ribbon end using your pair of wire snips. 

Exposed wire tends to poke, prod, and catch on nearby fabrics. This is easily remedied. Just pull back the fabric to expose more of the wire, use the wire snips to trim it away, and then pull the fabric back down. Now it’s neatly encased within the fabric. 

You can never know too much about working with ribbon. Knowing how to create your own brilliant bows and accents can take any project to the next level. Let Pioneer help you practice – Pioneer Imports & Wholesale offers a wide selection of wholesale ribbon in a spectrum of colors, patterns, and styles. 

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#X01024-40-(Color) Wired “Portland” Ribbon (sold out)
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Video: How To: Finishing Bow Edges Part 1

Orders Pioneer - Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Beautiful bows deserve a neat clean finish. In this video from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how to create a nice finished edge on a wired ribbon. 

Have you ever created a picture-perfect bow only to notice exposed wires sticking out of the end? Those little wires tend to poke and prod, even snagging on nearby materials and potentially messing up the entire project. 

Susan demonstrates a quick and easy solution. This will require your trusty wire snips – you won’t want to dull your nice ribbon shears on the metal. Susan simply pulls back the fabric of the ribbon, exposing a little more of the wire, and then snips the ends away.

After snipping the wire, she pulls the ribbon fabric back down to its original position. Now, the end of the wire is tucked neatly inside the fabric instead of poking out where it can cause trouble. This keeps the wire from poking anybody while still allowing the ribbon to hold its shape.

Are you working to build up your ribbon and bow skills? These finishing touches can make all the difference when building gift baskets, making permanent botanical arrangements, and decorating for events. 

Let Pioneer Imports & Wholesale help you stay stocked up on supplies so that you’ll have the right ribbon for any occasion. Pioneer offers a huge selection of wholesale ribbon – wired and unwired – in a fantastic array of colors, sizes, patterns, and materials.  

Shop products from the video:
#X01024-40-(Color) Wired “Portland” Ribbon (sold out)
#32-02826 Ribbon Shears (sold out)
Wire Cutters

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Video: How To: Create a Satin Bow

Orders Pioneer - Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Working with satin ribbon requires a different approach compared to other ribbon materials. Those who are new to working with satin options will quickly find the surface is a little slippery, sometimes making it difficult to hold in place – especially when it comes to creating bows.

In this video demonstration, Susan Huelsman AIFD shares a few helpful tips and techniques that make working with satin so much easier. 

Susan begins by explaining the importance of a soft touch. As you are folding loops to create a bow, you want to keep a loose and gentle grip on each ribbon section you work with. The hand that holds the ribbon together is a different story – keep your fingers clenched nice and tightly over the center.  

As you work, the slippery satin ribbon will want to slide around. Keep your fingers moving, using a soft touch to fold the loops and tight grip to hold the center in place. 

The larger the bow, the less control you might have over the way the ribbon moves. If you need to create a large satin bow, take your thin flexible wire of choice and tie off the bow partway through. You can go back and keep adding more loops, stopping to secure your progress with the wire as often as you want. 

Working with satin ribbon gets easier with practice. Before you know it, you’ll be constructing stunning satin ribbon bows without a second thought. 

Once you feel confident working with satin ribbon you’ll want to use this beautiful material all the time, and Pioneer can help. Find wholesale satin ribbon in a wide range of colors and styles available through the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. 

Shop products from the video:
#2205-9-(Color) Double Face Satin Ribbon

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Video: How To: Use Double-Sided Ribbon

Orders Pioneer - Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Double-sided ribbon offers double the fun vibrant color. In this video demonstration, Susan Huelsman shows how to make super colorful bows that really capture attention using any double-sided ribbon.

The ribbon Susan uses here is a bold satin design – pink on one side and purple on the other. Susan begins by reminding viewers about the twist technique used to create basic bows. In this case, skipping that twist is the secret to showing both sides of the double-sided ribbon used here.

Susan demonstrates the process, following all the steps for a basic bow but leaving out the twist. The first layer of loops shows one side of the ribbon and the next layer shows the other. You can continue this process until you reach the number of layers you desire. Creating this bow is just as simple and straightforward as it looks. 

The result is a versatile basic bow with alternate bands of bright pink and purple. Finish the bow by tying it off as normal – now it’s ready to use wherever you need a cheerful pop of color.

Every great bow starts with great ribbon. You can find a wide selection of wholesale ribbon in a range of colors and styles available within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. 

Shop products from the video:
 #16-2453-9-1024 Wired “Double” (sold out)

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Watch the video here!

Video: How To: Create A Double Layer Bow

Orders Pioneer - Monday, November 05, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Knowing how to create a variety of stylish bows is an essential skill for those who work in careers where decorative presentation matters. Whether you work with floral arrangements, gifts, or home décor, the ability to quickly create attractive custom bows will save you a tremendous amount of time and money compared to purchasing pre tied. 

Add another type of bow to your repertoire with this quick video demonstration from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale - Susan Huelsman AIFD walks through the process of creating a double layer bow, an easy design that offers dramatic visual impact.

To create this two-tone double layered bow, Susan advises creating the center of the bow first. She takes a length of linen ribbon and uses a basic bow technique to create a small and compact bow. Susan points out that the outer layer will need to be larger than the top layer, so it is important to make sure this initial bow remains a reasonable size. 

Susan cuts the ribbon once she reaches her desired number of layers. She trims the ribbon close to the bow, creating shorter tails suitable for central placement. 

A length of wire will secure the loops. Susan wraps this wire tightly around the center of the bow, leaving enough wire at the ends to attach the larger bow in a later step.

Using a length of contrasting yet coordinated ribbon, Susan begins constructing the second larger bow using the same twist-and-loop process as the first. You can create as many looped layers as you want, but Susan keeps things simple for this demonstration with a simple two loop design. Here, she trims the tails a little longer for a delightful decorative effect.

Susan completes the design by placing the smaller bow atop the larger one, using the remaining wire to secure both pieces together. Make sure to twist the wire well so all the loops stay tight and secure as you fluff them to your desired shape and level of volume. 

These double layer bows are a great way to maximize the use your ribbon supplies. You get a fantastic look without using much product - in fact, this is also a great way to use lengths of premium ribbon that might be too short to use for other purposes.

You can find both the linen ribbon and wired gingham ribbon used in this tutorial readily available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to explore your options - Pioneer offers a wide variety of wholesale ribbon in a range of colors, styles, and sizes. Pioneer can help you find the perfect ribbon for any purpose or occasion. 

Shop products from the video:
#ILN-9-(Color) Linen Ribbon (sold out)
#RD3834(Color) Wired Gingham Ribbon (sold out)

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Watch the video here!

Video: Ultraviolet Basket

Orders Pioneer - Monday, June 25, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by:  Lisa B.

Learn how to create a vibrant garden basket using 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year with this quick time-lapse video demonstration by Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD. 

Vonda begins with a round triple weave basket and two types of ribbon cut into lengths of 6-8” inches. She ties these lengths around the basket handle, alternating between the double-faced satin ribbon in purple haze and the pirouette ribbon in purple. 

With the basket handle covered, Vonda beings placing silk lavender bush sprays into a block of floral foam hidden within the basket. She centers these tall pieces in the middle to give the arrangement a sense of height and drama. Occasionally, you will see her slightly bend and adjust the stems for a balanced look. 

Silk peony and silk hydrangea blossoms fill in the perimeter of the basket, easily obscuring the rest of the floral foam below. 

The result is a lovely centerpiece that spans a range of purple hues that closely echo Pantone ultraviolet. Serving as a fun way to add color to an event – regardless of season – this arrangement is sure to spark the enthusiasm of your customers and clients who love purple color palettes.


The supplies used in this arrangement are readily available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with a wide variety of coordinated details to help you create custom arrangements your customers are sure to love. Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog to find silk flowers, wholesale ribbon, and other accessories in a spectrum of hues to suit any occasion. 

Shop products from the video:

3512ST – Round Triple Weave Baskets Set of 4, Stained
PWL2242PU – Lavender Bush, x15, 24”, Purple
PWP2200PU – Peony Bush, x7, 19”, Purple
PWH2085PU – Hydrangea Bush, x5, 17”, Purple 
16-2461-9-265 – “Pirouette” Ribbon, 1.5” x 100 yds., Purple
2205-9-412 – Double-Faced Satin Ribbon, 1.5” x 50 yds., Purple Haze

Watch the video here! 

Video: "Rosie" Ribbon

Amanda Thomas - Monday, June 11, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

In this quick video, Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD introduces a versatile accessory to instantly elevate any permanent botanical arrangement. 

The wonderful “Rosie” Ribbon from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale is beautiful on its own, but it really shines when used as a decorative accent for other accessories. 

Vonda demonstrates the endless potential of this intricate ribbon by adding it to a simple transparent glass cube. She adds a small adhesive strip to the back of the glass, using it to securely anchor the ribbon in place. Adding a silk peony bouquet finishes the design – now this quick and easy piece is ready for any wedding or event. 

You can find the wholesale ribbon, the silk peony bouquet, and hundreds of other fantastic accessories available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website. 

Shop products from the video:

#16-2661-40-154 - #40 – 2.5” x 10 yds – “Rosie” Ribbon
#PWP0141TTPK – Peony Bouquet, Two-Tone Pink

Watch the video here!

Video: Designing a European Garden Basket

Amanda Thomas - Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Living baskets are a fantastic way to add a pop of greenery to any space. This video shows how to build a delightful living basket from the ground up, including several accent options to customize each arrangement to fit the specific needs of your clients and customers. 

This project is exceptionally quick and easy. Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD, PFCI walks through the process step by step. 

Vonda starts with an introduction to the main ingredients that serve as the base for this design: two 6” plants, one 8” plant, and a gorgeous 6”-deep living basket from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale.

These “living baskets” or “European Garden baskets” were designed by Pioneer’s owner especially to hold four 6” pots. Vonda has already prepared this basket for the video demonstration by lining it to prevent leaks and by placing the plants right where they need to go. 

To cover the exposed plant pots, Vonda adds a layer of fluffy Spanish moss. She notes how important it is to remain mindful of what the customer wants to see - the moss contributes to a more finished and professional result, ready for display anywhere, whether the arrangement is destined for a home, tribute, or trade show.

You might notice that it is still possible to see part of the taller pot even after the addition of moss. Vonda covers this with a large ribbon. The ribbon not only hides the taller pot, but also adds a pop of friendly color. This one features warm autumn tones, but you can tailor your own specific design to cater to any season or occasion. 

Vonda adds a few sprigs of botanical curly willow, noting that any increase in height adds to the perception of value and gives any arrangement a greater sense of grandeur. 

Wholesale silk flowers from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale serve as a very important final touch. Vonda uses flowers in a rich butternut hue that easily coordinates with the ribbon, bringing color throughout the entire arrangement for wonderful visual balance. 

Before inserting the silk flowers, Vonda covers each stem with floral tape. This ensures that the wire will not rust into the plants – these permanent botanical flowers are so beautiful that customers are likely to leave them in the arrangement for quite a long time. The tape also keeps the stems from twisting so that they remain right where you want them.

The result is a colorful and well-balanced living basket suitable for any occasion. 

Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale website for wholesale baskets, wholesale silk plants, wholesale ribbon, and everything you need to create custom arrangements that your customers and clients are sure to love. 

Watch the video here!

Video: Corsage Design with the Incredible Value Silk Orchid

Amanda Thomas - Thursday, May 03, 2018

Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Sophisticated and glamorous, this corsage combines smooth silk flowers with glimmering metallic details for an excitingly on-trend look. Learn how to create this gorgeous design by following along with Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD in this step-by-step video demonstration from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. 

Let’s start with a quick introduction to the supplies, all available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. The base is a wholesale Fitz Design corsage bracelet called Sophisticated Lady, while the centerpiece Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the many super-realistic wholesale silk flowers available from Pioneer. Decorative details include shiny Gleaming Leaves and beautiful sheer ribbon. 

Vonda begins construction by securing the plastic platform to the corsage bracelet using a chenille stem in silver. As she explains, this type of chenille blends in with the other metallic elements and remains easily hidden after the corsage is complete. 

Next, Vonda snips the largest silk orchid blossom from the spray and removes each petal to use individually. She adds adhesive to the plastic platform and attaches the silk petals one by one, creating a nice base for further design.

The shiny Gleaming Leaves will bring sparkling metallic accents up throughout the composition. Vonda curls the stems with needle nose pliers to create a larger gluing surface for greater durability. She then adds even more adhesive over the bed of silk petals, allowing it to set up and get tacky before adding the Gleaming Leaves. 

A small bow will create more volume without increasing weight. Vonda uses a short length of ribbon to create the bow, and glues it directly to the center of the arrangement. She then ties another length of ribbon around the entire corsage bracelet and bow for extra security. Trim the ribbon ends as needed.

To finish the design, Vonda snips the remaining silk orchid blossoms from the spray and attaches each one to the center of the corsage, neatly nestled into the bow. 

At the end of the video, Vonda displays another version of this corsage using a similar silk orchid in a dark purple color, demonstrating just how versatile these elements from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale really are.

Pioneer offers a diverse range of wholesale silk flowers, wholesale ribbon, wholesale Fitz Design corsage bracelets, and so much more – everything you need to prepare for your upcoming trade shows, displays, and seasonal product updates. 

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