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Video: Victoria Eucalyptus Collection 2

Amy Lombardo - Tuesday, December 03, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for a wholesale permanent botanical series with versatile widespread appeal? Tom bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI introduces one possible solution in this quick video. Highlighted is the silk silver dollar eucalyptus range from the Victoria Collection, which Tom introduces with a few useful hints.

The beautiful Victoria Collection silk eucalyptus – as Tom points out – is made using a silk screen technique, giving it incredible depth of detail and dimension.

Victoria silk silver dollar eucalyptus is available in three forms. These are the wreath, the garland, and the bush. Tom suggests taking advantage of all three to build a collection to demonstrate the capabilities of the silk eucalyptus aesthetic and to give customers a diverse palette to draw from. He takes a moment to touch on the potential of each format. 

Tom begins with the garland. The silk eucalyptus garland makes a fantastic runner, easily stretching down the table. These could be anchored in place with some dry foam to create a base for building visual interest areas. Of course, the silk garland could also be used as a vertical piece as well.

The pick, or small spray, can be taken apart and dissected as Tom points out. He loves how the grey tone so easily melds with other colors. The silk silver dollar eucalyptus can be that bridge element that really blends other colors together for a harmonious look.

Tom covers the silk eucalyptus wreath last. While many people look and think “this goes on the wall” or “this goes on the door”, Tom offers a reminder about how powerful these wreaths can be as a centerpiece. You could use the silk eucalyptus wreath by itself, accessorized with some votive candles or silk flowers, or you could place a piece of statuary in the center. 

When it comes to permanent botanical wreaths like this one, Tom suggests buying more than just one – buying multiples allows you to highlight the many ways to display them. Show one as a wall piece, another as a centerpiece, and have some available for customers to accessorize on their own. 

You can find all these Victoria Collection silk eucalyptus formats available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog, along with so many other wholesale silk flowers and accessories to make them your own. 

Shop the complete Victoria Eucalyptus Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
PWW1120GYGR “Victoria” Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath, 22”, Leaves: 1.5-3”, Gray/Green
PWG1121GYGR “Victoria” Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland, 50”, Leaves: 2-3”, Gray/Green
PWE1094GYGR “Victoria” Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bush, x6, 22”, Leaves: 2-3”, Gray/Green (item has sold out)

Watch the video here!

Video: Glacial Garden Collection

Amy Lombardo - Monday, November 25, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you excited to start building up your collection of winter-themed permanent botanicals? Winter can be a season of magnificent beauty and high spirits – but for designers, winter is marked not by the snowfall but by the schedule pages packed with events and obligations. 

Tom bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI introduces a few time-saving permanent botanical products in this quick video. 

The gorgeous Glacial Garden Collection by Pioneer Imports & Wholesale captures that winter feeling with luminous frost over silk flowers and artificial foliage, those mainstays of the winter season that clients are always looking for.

Tom begins by introducing the wreath. He notes the pre-attached artificial pinecones, the realistic snowy berries, the warm and welcoming silk ranunculus – and of course, all of it coated with a fine layer of that beautiful seasonal frost effect. 

With this artificial pine wreath, you can go right from package to display just after a few simple adjustments to bring out the volume. Or, as Tom notes, you can go even further and add a little bit of ribbon trim for a customized look. This piece is a versatile canvas for accessories.

Tom focuses his attention on the spray format next. It has all the same materials mixed in, great for display on its own or with your own creative additions. 

This brings Tom to the swag. This piece comes with artificial twig backing to serve as a sturdy base. It can go on the wall, on the door, above the door… the list goes on. 

But as Tom demonstrates, the swag is also a fantastic candidate for centerpiece work. He pulls out a wooden box filled with blocks of dry floral foam as an example. Tom explains how you can use hairpins to secure the swag to the box, then build upward if desired using additional materials and trim – but the genius of this piece is that half the work is already done for you.

Get inspired with the Glacial Garden Collection! Save time, money, and effort with these helpful compositions you can use on their own or as building blocks to create the whimsical winter arrangements your clients crave. 

You can find the Glacial Garden supplies highlighted in this video all readily available within the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog – along with a spectrum of silk flowers, artificial foliage, wholesale ribbon, and winter-themed accessories to help you get the season off to a productive start.  

Shop the complete Glacial Garden Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
#PWW4201WHGR Pine, Ranunculus, Berries & Pine Cone Wreath, 24”, White/Green
PWS4202WHGR Pine, Ranunculus, Berries & Pine Cone Swag, 32”, White/Green
PWMX4200WHGR Mixed Pine, Ranunculus, Berries & Pine Cone Spray, 30”, White/Green
64845-01 “Woodland” Rectangular Planter, 12x4x4”, Whitewash

Watch the video here!

Video: Adelaide Iced Eucalyptus

Amy Lombardo - Monday, November 04, 2019
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for an artificial foliage option that offers a unique sense of variation? In this video, Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI introduces a spectacular silk eucalyptus sure to inspire fresh ideas for your project. 

Adelaide Iced Eucalyptus is a brilliantly detailed silk eucalyptus product available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Tom takes a moment to walk through a few of the features that really set this permanent botanical apart from the rest. 

Tom describes the reasons he admires this collection. He begins with the wreath, applauding its fantastic shape and sense of detail. The seeds really make this silk eucalyptus wreath stand out – adding so much texture and depth for impactful visual interest. And as Tom points out, those who look closely can even see a fine “frost” of mica. 

This iced effect is even more pronounced after Tom adjusts the positioning of the silk foliage. Tom notes how important it is to take the time to really open and adjust materials after they come out of the package – a smart way to double the volume of wholesale silk foliage to get twice the value for the money.

Next, Tom moves on to the Adelaide Iced Eucalyptus Bush. This silk eucalyptus bush can be placed into a small container as it stands, or the twelve stems can be separated for individual use. Tom describes this as another way to get the most value from a selection, making it easier to adjust your budget according to how many projects you can complete with just one artificial bush.

One feature Tom really likes about this artificial eucalyptus bush is the adjustability of the silk foliage. If you need the leaves closer to the top you can slide them up. Or if you want to create negative space, you can customize the silk leaves as desired. 

You can find both options – the foliage and the wreath – available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Let the Adelaide Iced Eucalyptus collection bring another dimension of texture and color to your next permanent botanical arrangement.

Shop the complete Adelaide Iced Collection here.

Shop products from the video:
PWE4150GR Adelaide "Iced" Eucalyptus Bush, x12, 22", Green
PWW4151GR Adelaide "Iced" Eucalyptus Wreath, 24", Leaves: 3-4", Green

Watch the video here!

Video: Mix It Up with Elegant Ribbon

Christa Mele - Tuesday, December 04, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Are you looking for ways to stretch your wholesale ribbon investments? In this quick video, Susan Huelsman AIFD offers one easy and effective tip you can start using right away. 

When creating a bow to finish up a project, it can be tempting to reach only for the higher-end options in your toolbox. But sometimes that might not make sense for your budget. The good news is that you can still achieve that quality look without spending much money by pairing top shelf ribbon with more economical options. The result is a glamorous bow that looks expensive at only a fraction of the cost. 

Pioneer offers wholesale ribbon at every price point, and in a wide range of styles – many of which look fantastic when paired together. Susan offers a few suggestions in this video. She starts with a beautiful bow built with #9 ribbon from the Trends Ribbon Assortment in white, a cost-effective choice.

Then, Susan shows how you can take this bow to the next level with just a small amount of premium ribbon. She shows how nice the Trends ribbon looks alongside the wired Anisha ribbon and Paron ribbon. By adding just one or two loops of wholesale premium ribbon, the bow becomes an impressive statement piece that can enhance any gift basket or decorative accent.

Are you excited to expand your collection of ribbon so that you can always create the perfect bow for any project? Explore the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog and take advantage of a wonderfully diverse selection of designs for easy mix-and-match creations. 

Shop products from the video:
#SRT044 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Whites
#22-1569-40-(Color) Wired “Anisha”
#22-4044-40-(Color) “Paron”

Watch the video here!

Video: Mix it Up – Cork Ribbon

Christa Mele - Friday, November 30, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

The best way to get the most value from your ribbon investment is to select styles that easily mix and match together. Just a handful of different ribbons can create hundreds of different looks, offering easy coordination with any project that might come up.

One especially versatile design is the “Corkey” ribbon from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD demonstrates just one of many gorgeous pairings possible. This wholesale cork ribbon is made from strips of real cork laid over a backing of fabric, constructed with wired edges for voluminous body and excellent control.  

Susan quickly demonstrates how nice this ribbon could accent a bottle of wine, mentioning that it could even be used to decorate a box or package for a high-end presentation factor.

Next, Susan shows how you can take this ribbon up a notch. She simply adds a bow made from the “Corkey” ribbon to a bow made from the wired “Rodessa” ribbon. You’ll note how the cork color brings depth to the rich merlot red while drawing out the gold accents.   

These designs are both fantastic Mix It Up ribbon options. You can find both – and so much more – available from the Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog. Pioneer offers a tremendous selection of wholesale ribbon options to help you build up your collection so that you can stay ready for anything.

Shop products from the video:
#22-4117-9-825 Wired “Corkey” Ribbon
#X01115-9-094 Wired “Rodessa” Ribbon (sold out)

Watch the video here!

Video: Pull Bows with Pizazz

Christa Mele - Thursday, November 29, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Do you have a pull bow design that you really enjoy, but wish there were more ways to use it?  In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how to transform even the most ordinary pull bow into an attention-worthy piece you can use anywhere – even as the focal point for a decorative arrangement. 

To begin, Susan finishes the pull bow as normal. She ties it tightly, then winds a piece of florist’s wire through the front to the back. 

Next, Susan begins creating a second bow. She selects a length of beautiful wired ribbon and begins constructing a standard bow. She starts with loops that are slightly wider than the pull bow and continues to make each loop larger than the last. You can keep building loops until the bow is your desired size.

Susan attaches the pull bow to this newly constructed bow, using the remainder of the florist’s wire to anchor the two pieces together. She ties everything off and fluffs out the loops evenly on each side. 

The result is a completely upgraded bow, a nice upscale piece that you can feel proud to add to any basket or decorative arrangement. Experiment with different types of ribbon, different colors and patterns – the possibilities are endless.

The Pioneer Imports & Wholesale catalog offers a wide range of wholesale ribbon styles, many perfect for bow combinations just like this one. Let Pioneer help you build a diverse inventory of ribbon that can take your bow-making skills to the next level. 

Shop products from the video:
#PF9(Color) Pull Bow 1.5”
#x01048-40-(Color) Wired Hatley Ribbon

Watch the video here!

Video: Mix It Up with Sheer Ribbon

Christa Mele - Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Mixing and matching different types of ribbon is a great way to create a lot of fresh styles without a very big investment. In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD encourages experimenting with bold combinations. She calls this a “don’t be afraid” segment – don’t be afraid to get creative. 

Susan starts with a beautiful #9 “Encore”, a wholesale wired ribbon from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. On its own, this is an extremely versatile design that is inexpensive enough to use every day for all types of projects. Paired with other types of ribbon, it makes a very effective enhancement that looks great with anything.

Bold, bright, unusual patterns are an especially popular upcoming trend. Susan uses a vibrant “Bloom” ribbon from Pioneer as an example. She pairs the “Encore” ribbon with just a couple loops of this higher-end satin to great effect. 

Using inexpensive sheer ribbon as a mix-and-match basic makes it easy to create large and dramatic bows that have a premium look without using up all your premium ribbon. Susan ends the video by adding the finished bow to a spa gift basket – it makes such a beautiful addition and enhances the entire composition. 

You can find these two ribbons along with so many others available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Pioneer offers a huge selection of wholesale ribbon in a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Let Pioneer help you build up your collection of ribbon so that you can mix-and-match a spectacular bow for any occasion. 

Shop products from the video:
#16-94624-9-(Color) Wired “Encore” Ribbon
#16-2595-40-99 Wired “Bloom” Ribbon (sold out)

Watch the video here!

Video: Mix It Up with Value & Elegance

Christa Mele - Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD shows how you can combine different ribbon selections from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale to elevate your bow creations.

Susan begins by introducing a handful of Trends Ribbon Assortments – useful ribbon collections that serve as fantastic building blocks for a variety of bow styles. Each assortment includes six different bolts of #9 ribbon that go great together and with other ribbon styles. Here you can see two different sets in metallic and gold, along with a nice assortment of white ribbons off to the side. 

You can see the versatility of each ribbon with Susan’s quick demonstration. She takes a bow made from #9 ribbon and shows how well it pairs with the wired “Envy” ribbon in both silver and gold. Then she shows what it would look like with the bold Anisha shantung ribbon as well. 

Or, you can go straight for a truly high-end look with the tapestry “Paron” ribbon – a sophisticated pairing for elegant projects.

The end of the video shows a quick slideshow with each combination as completed bows.  

Do you want to build up your stock of ribbon so that you can always have the perfect bow for any occasion? Let Pioneer Imports & Wholesale help. Pioneer offers a range of wholesale ribbon in individual rolls as well as pre-coordinated Trends Ribbon Assortments. 

Shop products from the video:
#XRT056 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Metallics
#XRT050 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Golds
#SRT044 Trends Ribbon Assortment, Whites
#X00010-40-(Color) Wired “Envy” Ribbon
#22-1569-40-(Color) Wired “Anisha” 
#22-4044-40-(Color) “Paron”

Watch the video here!

Video: Mix It Up With Texture

Christa Mele - Monday, November 26, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

Want to make your high-end ribbon last longer? The useful Mix It Up video series from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale shows how you can maximize your stock of ribbon by creating distinctive mix-and-match bows for every occasion. 

In this video, Susan Huelsman AIFD gets adventurous with two very different wholesale ribbon selections from Pioneer. She begins with the gorgeous #9 “Lexie” ribbon – a versatile option with strong texture and radiant gold thread. Just a few loops of the “Lexie” ribbon creates a fantastic starting point for a brilliant custom bow. 

Susan decides to pair the gold ribbon with a bright white #40 ribbon. This wholesale ribbon, “Franisha,” is crafted from soft linen with gently frayed edges. She loops this ribbon together a few times and adds the gold ribbon on top. After anchoring the two bows together with a length of floral wire, this nice bow is ready to use anywhere! 

The result is a lovely bow with a super-soft yet elegant look. This look is perfect for a spa basket, or for any occasion where you want to underscore a sense of comfort and warmth.

Not sure whether two ribbon types would look good together? Just try it! Mixing and matching is all about experimentation. If you don’t like the result, simply take the bow apart and use the ribbon for something else. 

You can find a wide variety of wholesale ribbon styles – including those featured in this video - available from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Let Pioneer help you build up your stock of ribbon so that you can always make the perfect bow to match any project. 

Shop products from the video:
#22-3996-40-(Color) “Franisha” Ribbon
#X01001-9-(Color) “Lexie” Ribbon

Watch the video here!

Video: How To: Create a Basic Bow

Christa Mele - Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Video Summary written for Pioneer Imports & Wholesale by: Lisa B.

If you work in a field that deals with decorative enhancements, the ability to create a beautiful bow is a skill that you are sure to use time and time again. An impressive bow is the perfect way to complete a floral arrangement, top off a gift basket, accent a centerpiece – and the list goes on. 

There is no better place to start than the basics. In this video from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale, learn how to create a basic looped bow with a step-by-step demonstration by Susan Huelsman AIFD. This bow is exceptionally versatile and offers endless options for customization. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to create this easy bow in just seconds, ready to use whenever you need.

It helps to gather all supplies beforehand as Susan suggests. Because tying a bow is so hands-on, you certainly won’t want to stop in the middle to hunt down something you need. On the table in front of her is a pair of basic scissors and a pair of ribbon scissors – Susan advises investing in quality options since cheaper scissors will not provide the cleanest finish. You may also need a pair of wire snips. 

You will also need a strand of wire to finish each bow. This can be florist wire, 24-gauge wire, 26-gauge wire, chenille stems, or whatever you prefer. You will also want to have a length of your chosen ribbon unrolled and ready to go. 

Susan begins the construction process by making a twist and a simple loop. After looping, the “right” side of the ribbon should be facing you. She then does the same thing to create another loop on the other side of the center twist. She repeats the process – twist, then loop – to create two stacks of layers. Each layer is slightly graduated so that the lower loops protrude further than the ones above them.

Continue this process until your bow is as thick and voluminous as you want. Susan then undoes and recreates the bow to show the process again, making it easy to follow along. 

After creating a bow with the desired number of layers, Susan creates one final loop that will hang below. This loop will become the decorative tails once trimmed in half, so it is important to make each side of the loop the length you want your tails to be. 

Next, Susan takes a length of wire and wraps it around the center of the bow. She suggests wrapping as tightly as you can – keep twisting until the wire is nice and taught, ensuring that all the layers of ribbon will stay in place securely. This is where the wire snips come in handy, making it easy to trim any excess. 

Susan then takes the long tail loop, snipping it diagonally right in the middle. These angled ribbon ends are currently the most popular style, while the classic fishtail or chevron shape has grown less common. Use any tail end that you prefer or allow the overall look of your composition to decide which one will best serve the finished product. 

How you finish the bow is another matter of preference. You can leave the layers neatly stacked for a distinctive streamlined profile or pull the loops outward into a circle for a traditional voluminous bow. This step is the reason it pays to secure the center wire extra tightly so that nothing pulls free while you fluff and adjust. 

The result is a fabulous bow with long elegant tails, ideal for a wide variety of decorative purposes. As you practice, you might have fun experimenting with different variations on this basic staple. 

You can find the lovely ribbon featured in this demonstration, wired “Portland” ribbon in green, available through Pioneer Imports & Wholesale. Explore the Pioneer catalog to see even more wholesale ribbon options – Pioneer offers a wide variety of ribbon in a range of colors and materials, both wired and unwired. Let Pioneer help you create the perfect bows to complete your next decorative project. 

Shop products from the video:
#X01054-40-586 Wired “Portland” Ribbon in Green (sold out)
Ribbon Shears
Floral Wire

Watch the video here!