frequently asked questions

What is your minimum order?

  • Domestic (U.S.): There is a $100 minimum for the first order. For re-orders, there is no minimum, but all re-orders less than $50 will incur a small order fee of $6.
  • International: There is a $300 minimum for all orders. For more details on international shipping, click HERE.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and size of the boxes. Once your order is pulled and packed, the best shipping rate will be calculated for you. Due to our shipping volume, we have negotiated very favorable rates for FedEx, UPS, and truck deliveries. If you request it, we are happy to call you with the final total including shipping. For more details on shipping, click HERE.

Where do I register to see the wholesale prices or create an account with your company?

All prices on our website are wholesale prices. We do not sell retail. We do not ask you to register to see our wholesale prices. An account is created for you when you place your first order with our company.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes! To fill out our Catalog Request Form, click HERE. You must have a valid vendor’s license or sales tax ID in a related trade in order to receive a catalog.

Can I order a sample?

You may purchase a sample, but you must pay for both the product and shipping.

How do I open a credit account with your company?

Most of our customer accounts are paid by credit card. Please call us for details if you would like to apply for credit with our company.

Do you have any current coupon codes or promotions?

Our coupon codes are part of our printed catalogs and are valid only for items in that catalog. To view our digital catalogs, click HERE.

If I order a large quantity can I get an extra discount?

Since we are a wholesale company, our prices are already based on quantity and are very low. Additional discounts are generally not available except in the case of very high quantities.

Can I mix and match colors to get the quantity price?

No. We are able to give a price break on full box packs of the same color because labor is saved in our warehouse. When the packer has to open the box and mix colors, it costs labor.

May we use your photos on our website or in our catalog?

The photos on our site are copyrighted. However, we are happy to provide our customers with images for the items that they purchase. Please send image requests after your order is placed to

Are your containers food safe or can they be used with lids?

Our industry and primary customer base is the floral industry. None of our glass vases are designed to be used with lids, as the floral industry does not need lids on floral vessels. None of our containers are considered food safe.

I am looking for something that you don’t have. Will you special order it for me?

Due to our 40 years in the business we have extended contacts and knowledge of who has what and where to get unusual things. Special or large orders naturally require a reasonable dollar or quantity minimum if the items are not in stock as well as a non-refundable deposit. We would need extra lead time for non-stock items.

I am interested in starting my own floral or gift basket business. Can you help me?

We are experienced in providing start-up inventories in artificial flowers, containers, ribbon, baskets and glass. However, we are not advisors in the legal or financial aspects of business start-ups.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Feel free to contact us by phone or send your question to