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why sell silk flowers

Many florists feel that they only need to sell fresh, that they don't need to bother with silk. But there are some excellent ways that silk SUPPORTS your fresh sales.

1) Silk makes your store look full!

The reality is that you may not be able to afford to have a store completely stocked with fresh flowers. But if you only have a few fresh flowers, it can appear that you are not really "in business." Silk solves your problem - it keeps your store looking full without running the risk of losing money on fresh flowers that do not sell.

2) Silk can help fill "unusual" needs.

Sometimes customers come in with some very out of the ordinary requests. Some flowers just don't grow in these colors! This is when you need silk!

3) Silk can be used to fill out of season requests.

Sometimes customers don't realize that certain flowers just aren't available in January. Silk fills their needs, and makes you come out smelling like a rose!

4) Silk can save money.

Depending on the flowers, sometimes silk IS the more affordable option, for both you and your customer.

5) Silk offers affordable options for wedding work.

Our premade silk bouquets are beautiful. They save you time and money, and therefore save your customers money.