About Us

Requirements to Purchase

We only sell wholesale. We do not sell retail. You must be an established business in a related trade in order to purchase from us.

There are four requirements to purchase from Pioneer Imports & Wholesale:

  1. You must have a State Tax Resale number or vendor’s license number if your state collects sales tax. ALL customers that are located in a state that collects Sales Tax must provide us with a valid, signed sales tax exemption form at the time of ordering. For more information, please click HERE.
  2. All first orders must be paid with a credit card. Large companies without credit cards may call us for other options.
  3. For U.S. businesses, there is a $100 minimum for the first order. For international businesses, there is a $300 minimum for all orders. For more details about international orders, click HERE. If you need to see a sample of an item before you place a large order, you may purchase a sample. However, you must pay for both the product and the shipping.
  4. You must be in an industry related to the floral or gift industries or you must be a large volume buyer if you are in another industry ($1000 or more.) Please click here for more details regarding who we do and do not sell to.